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Nokia 6230i

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  • Rich

I've just own the 6230i yesterday, after the worries over those messages shown on this site. It works fine, I've also noticed(after advised by Nokia)that many "problems" are actually not & it just because "user" dosen't know how to operate the multi feature phone.....anyway, just a word on the ringtone again, the "soft" for a few seconds are actually designed to protect the speaker WHEN in volume-Level 5 ONLY. Its indeed a good phone at this time, worth buying.....

  • rex

I currently own 3200,I am planning to go for a new nokia handset...which u like to prefer 6600,6230i,sony 300i,700i or 750i...plz reply

  • Reehan

I have compared this phone with lots of other brands and model and found this very good in terms of features and design though the display is small but the resolution makes up for it. All the features of this phone can be matched with the upcoming models. Camera is average but is ok. Anyway I cant compare a phone camera with a dedicated digital one.

  • Wannabelean

and all those guys who claim that their phones are free of the ascending ringtone problem, please do this great place a favour....stop your devious and fake opinions right now and do not spread false rumours and information


  • Wannabelean­ad.php?s=&postid=152038#post152038

Thank you Nokia for teaching me the difference between ascending and ringing. SHAME ON YOU NOKIA. This is absolutely the lamest ever explanation I've ever come across in my whole life. Strangely guys, this feature is only a "special" feature of the 6230i. Although there have been newer models from Nokia, none of these new phones have this so called "special" feature. Funny this is that the 6230i manual does not have a mention of this extra "special" feature. I will not rest until I get a full refund or model replacement and will even take Nokia to court if I have to. Even if I do get a replacement, I will sell it away right away and never in my life will I deal with Nokia again.

Enough is enough with Nokia. This is what happens when you bloody only think of money and nothing else. They've lined up 40 phones for this year for what? and how can a company achieve that? By throwing out testing, quality checking and other important procedures of manufacturing out of the window. Sure all phones have some problems or the others but most of you will see that Nokia does not even have one phone which is not bug ridden in this whole year of 2005.

Absolutely disgusted Nokia customer


  • OnLy-ThE-BrAvE

To chunkybutt:
The mp3's are almost close to crystal clear and same goes for the is quite loud.i got this phone for a week now with a 512 rs mmc and i have no probs besides the battery last 2days.

to Paul:
before u make any judgements, look properly on ur phone,it does have a message counter!


  • Kay

Hmmm...Bangalore's got fresh stocks of 6230i last evening as confirmed by Global Access, Sangeetha and Nokia Concept Store in MG Road. I suppose HCL Technologies in Infantry Road would replace your piece if found faulty. I got mine exchanged from the dealer I had bought. Firmware 3.30. Everything working perfectly fine and this is one great phone! I did have to wait for a month before I could get a working piece, but I believe the wait was worth it!

  • chunkybutt69

howdy dudes and dudesess

im thrown this Q at all the ppl who have one of these. wats it sound lyk wen ur makn a call, lyk echo, distorted ect. and wats the sound lyk wen playn an mp3, or ringtone, especialy wen its ringing?


  • Paul

Yesterday I noticed that this phone doesn't have a message counter. Thats really bad. The message counter feature was very useful to me. Now I have to save all the outgoing messages in order to keep track of the sent items. If anyone finds it out please reply me. Thanks.

  • Hector

>>To Gabe: Can anyone tell me how to update
>>my firmware for this phone? Mine is
>>currently 3.25. I like this phone alot.
>>Please help!

Go to Nokia service point, the will update it:

  • DL

Does anyone know why everytime when I switch on my phone, it will prompt me a message "Check Connection Settings"? I just don't understand why this message always pops up and I don't see anything wrong with my connection. How to change the connection setting anyway? So is there any way to stop this message from keep on popping up? Please help!

  • Paul

this phone doesn't have a realone player.

  • joe

can some 1 help please ....this Cell does not seem to have Real one player can sum1 tell me about this.please

  • ricky mo

Hi guys, I'd just bought 6230i last weekend, in fact this is my first Nokia phone. I'm quite pleased with the features. Anyhow, it's started to disappoint me when the screen displayed many lines (show effect) after the phone left in standby mode for more than 5 hours and stayed that way. Only hard reset will normalize back the display. Is this a normal standard of Nokia phone? FOn topof that, I am very upset about the long queue at Nokia service center. If Nokia phone is so "great" then why there are so many people "camping" in the small and hot room.

  • christ

strangly your site is filtered in my country by government ?!!

  • Rambo Malaysia

No need to worries guys nokia will fix most of the bug just that in malysia you have to pay RM35.00(USD 9.00) just to upgrade the firmwire after the warranty has expire that is kind of suck as nokia connot produce 100% bug free firmwire at the first place.

  • Answering

For the question about the SanDisk MMC card... all MMC cards WILL fit? You probably have an SD card. They use the same readers usually, but the pin layout IS different. Compare the pins of your SanDisk card with the MMC that comes with the phone and you will see it.

  • cyberjack

This is a nice phone.The camera quality is poor esp. the video camera.As regards complaint of ascending ringtone volume is concerned I find it is infact a nice feature so that if u are in a meeting or a public place u can answer the phone in first few seconds without disturbing the public.

  • Anonymous

i dont know much about memory cards but does the 6230i used RS-MMC or just the normal MMC because my sandisk MMC card wont fit it to the phone :( thankyou in advance for any help

  • mike

i don't know how 2 say this but some friend accidently deleted the nokia factory themes & ringtones, could anyone b kind to send them to me at thanks