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Nokia 6230i

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  • yy

SENSEI, are you having any problems w/ ur 6230i? if not, then i may have to upgrade my system coz i have a problem w/ my media player. whenever i view my movies, my phone crashes and restarts after 13 mins... this is such a drag!

  • yy

u appeared to be having a version 3.3:) congrats! mine's only 3.25

  • sensei

hye guys may i know what version of nokia firmware do u used?

when pressing *#0000# the my nokia 6230i version details appeared:

v 03.3
gsm p1.1
(c) nmp.
v 03.3
gsm p1.1

  • Christine

Nokia Mia,

Thank God! I have received my replacement. But, I still face some problems which I think most of Nokia 6230i have experienced it - the ringing tone of the phone will change to default when I change the themes; the second problem will be the ascending ringing tone.Other than, it is fine maybe i have not yet dicovered some other problems.Nokia Mia, have you encountered all these aforementioned problems? Is it because of its software?
Have you upgraded your software? Thank you.

  • Anathaema

the first big mistake of NOKIA in 6230i is putting this worse camera.
the second biggest mistake is putting the 2nd camera resolution to VGA.
why? at least 800x600, because at most megapixel phones, the 2nd resolution is great.
bad job nokia

  • SmoothBaileys

Hey can anyone tellme if theres an option for voice commands under which i`ll find audible alerts?Thanks

  • SmoothBaileys

where can i find voice commnds?

  • Sandeep Sengupta

I bought a new 6230i at Rs. 15,350/- (with bill + warranty) from Kolkata, India. That wud be "290.746 EURO" or "US$ 352.428". I think it has best value for money. With a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, 64MB memory (upgradable to 512MB), 35 mins video capture with sound (depends on free memory - mine was 54MB free), Stereo FM radio (best feature of the phone may be when heard over head-set), Bluetooth, EDGE (TV clips), internet (MMS, Email, HTML browser), 208X208 pixel 65K TFT screen ... it is the best buy now. It has everything which a phone can have :-)

Ring tone sound is a bit low though ..
And when u take a photo .. the picture appears to be taken at night (a little bit shading/darkening - which didnt happen in 6230). Contacts cannot hold multiple numbers under one name (which my C100 cud). Camera shutter makes a BIG noise while taking the still photo. During Video capture the distant sounds were crystal clear during playback, but the nearby sounds were a bit distorted.

Still best in the market other than Sony Erickson S700i, which comes at double the price. Nokia communicator 9500 doesnt have megapixel camera. And some of the models dont have radio.

  • Farzad

I have bought 6230i around 1 month ago.
This one had been made in Hungary. It does not have any problem with mp3 player except the difficult handling of tracklist, it couldn't be changed to the prefered tracks! the loudspeaker is great and without any problem. the camera is very good (as good as an average quality digital camera) and the video recording is better than 6230, 6600 and 7610 as I experienced.
i have some little problems with this phone, video player sometimes hangs and phone restart! this is not depend to the length of video file.
my phone could not play some certain sort of WAVE format files!
the ringtone ascending sound was not such a terrible problem to me.
but the most irritating problem is the application installation, coz most (almost 100% of them!) of symbian compatable applications could not be installed on this phone.
although, I think that's a great phone!
I would be thankful if anybody could help me about applications problem.

  • sensei

i can't here anything when connect headphone with my nokia 6230i. when i test the headphone with my friend's 6230 it's working properly. It is true that the new version of 6230i cannot support headphone?

  • mooni

hi guys
can any one guide me caz i want to buy a mobile of nokia.plz tell me which one of the followings is the best(6230i,7610,3230).
plz tell me soon.i'll be very thankful 2 u.

  • c'ya

I have to chose between Nokia 6230i and 6680 and i don't know what phone to chose! And need your opinion ...

  • LAw

Sounds like your speaker is broke then because mine works fine with mp3's and poly tones. Send it back for repair!

  • sensei

hye, i think there was a problem about 6230i's speaker. don't u think it's too too too loud? now i only use level 1 for my speaker volume,coz when i turn to higher level like 3 or 4 or 5, it's produced "broken" sound or something sound like bzzzzzzzzzzz in the background..ahhh im very2 disappointed!

  • Neil Bhatia

This phone can take 1GB MMC Card, but I recommend not to exceed 512GB, or else the speed and functions of the phone slows down.

  • givince

i have a urgent question...
does this phone support a 1 GB mmc or not, if yes then what brand. plz answer immediately
thx a lot
i really need the answer as soon as possible

  • LIAM

sorry it takes up to 1hour video recording.the original 6230 take 4mins, but the new and improved 6230i takes up to an hour

  • LIAM

hey it takes up to 4mins of video recording but if you can get it flashed from a nokia service centre it can do already has a dictionary with a variaty of languages on it.any questions email me with the adress provided. thank you

  • debo

Hi. Please how many mins can the 6230i record?.

  • mista N

hey ppl..can anybodu tell me is this phone has dictionary application..and can anybody tell me where to download it for free..p2p website.thanx alot..respond will be appreciated. (",)