Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230i

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  • 786

anyone know y it restarts itself ???any expert know y ?

  • 786

this is the best i ever had -- even the new nokia 6233 suckkss compared to this this phone rulzzzz but 1 problem wen im lisning to music in the music player it RESTARTS itself dunno y ?? but its so annoying ......

  • lordo

Ou it's just perfect! but i cannot use Push to talk option . Can anybody of you tell me soething about it? bye.

  • TBP

The 6230i is by far the simplest to use, clearest sound and most compact phone available. For hands free operation and 1 touch answere it is great. Lodspeaker function is clear and good. no worries if you just need a good reliable rugged phone to use as a phone! Camera set on High quality is also very impressive.

  • Mohamed Eshage


  • Sajid

Phone is good, the only thing which is bad about it is small screen & poor camera result.

  • Anonymous

great phone has everything i need.bluetooth works well. i have a 512 mb card it does take sometime to view folders on it but that doesent matter. camera is quite good but i wish the 6230i had a 256kb screne. apart those things good phone.

  • ASIM

hey ...its da great phone ever 4 me !
i got everything in it ! i just love it !
i wana ask u tht can we frwd or revs our vidos in it during the video plays...??? like it do tht function in mp3 player but it doesnt do it in video !!!
do u know about it ? tell me !!!thnkya

  • Nokia_Fan

This is the best phone ever!Strong,easy to use and very accesible

  • Anonymous

I just got my 6230i but it will not recognize my network, does anyone might know why that is the case?

  • chaMp

Fish go deep== did u install a player on your 6230i .. from where did u download the player ..?

  • riaan

My phone only last for may half a day and i am using my phone fairly.

  • Bilal

Hey I just got this phone and wanted to know if, there is any way of making your inbox in your memory card?

  • Nokia User

Yes i have just got a 2nd 6230i, with software version v3.80 for those that are interested. I bought a 1Gb memory card from and it works fine, but its best to use a card reader with it for speed of transfering. Do not format the 1Gb card on ur fone! do it on the computer if u have to (Format it using FAT).

The only problems i have seen with the 1Gb card is that the phone sometimes restarts when viewing videos from it, or transfering a video to friends (but happens very rarely, some times doesnt happen at all!!). As for Mp3s it is perfect.

  • Fish go deep

My 6230i will not play mp4 files (mpeg4) i create using the software i downloaded frm multimedia player version 2.0). I wonder if u guys are having the same prblm.
also is any1 of u using a 1gb mmc on their phones? does the 1 gb card work with the phone?

  • Omar Sheikh

I nearly have this fone for like 2 years and this fone really satisfies me.I use 2 have 6230 but wen this came out i str8way bought it......its still gud as new coz i kept this fone like my small baby.It has all the features i need.

  • Steve

One famous reason of Nokia phone is the long-life battery performance but this 6230i is the worst baddest phone of Nokia. Average Nokia phones can reach 2 til 3 days of NORMAL USE but this 6230i only have 8 hours in STAND BY ONLY, I repeat: in STAND BY ONLY. I'ved already check to the Nokia Care Center but no found any problem. Failed product! Damn*d nokia!!!

  • Anuj

Nokia 6230i is the BEST PHONE EVER. i had this for 2 yrs and now regret selling it. Its faster than any mobile in N-Series. The best value for money.

  • SoStoras

this is the best phone i ever had!!!!
and its the best forever!

  • 786

i agree with gxxer -= i had 1 tht was made in hungarey its weak its neally broken == i got another new 1 thats made in germany its so tough and its fast and everything === and finland made 1s forget it thre the worst surprisingly......