Nokia 6233

Nokia 6233

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  • Anonymous
  • XNt
  • 14 Aug 2017

I had setup a security code for this phone. I have now forgotten the security code. Can anybody tell me how to unlock the phone without formatting it so that i do not loose any data on the phone.

    Anonymous, 29 May 2017I still have this phone with full working condition, expect... moreA BP-6M battery.

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      • #tokjan
      • IV%
      • 18 Jul 2017

      Anonymous, 29 May 2017I still have this phone with full working condition, expect... more
      click the link to purchase the battery

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        • Anonymous
        • t}5
        • 29 May 2017

        I still have this phone with full working condition, expect for the battery !
        can anyone suggest new battery for this phone !

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          • cyruz18
          • vx6
          • 04 Jan 2017

          The best of the best stereo speaker with a phone made by nokia! No one can match its superior speaker until now. Nokia 6233 the best!!!

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            • Guest20161204
            • vV5
            • 04 Dec 2016

            This is one of the best Nokia in terms of voice call clarity. It is almost as if you are talking to the person in front of you. No front camera for video call is the only setback. The main camera is only 2M, great during it's heydays in 2006. The loudspeaker is superb. Batteries are had to come by nowadays. Size & weight is perfect for the palm of your hands. The back cover is a little disappointing as it gets loosen easily due to its weird design. I had use a 6233 from 2008 to 2012 and it had given great service especially hours and hours of clear & natural sounding voice calls. It's stainless steel front rims is a delightful sight and gives it a classy look.
            The keypad is high quality with a nice soft-touch when depressed.

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              • Anonymous
              • 3aY
              • 03 Nov 2016

              I think personally this phone (out of every single Nokia phones) has the best loudspeaker! It's very clear, and it doesn't get distorted when it's at the maximum volume (unlike the Nokia X2-00). Definitely recommend this phone over any XpressMusic phones and Xseries phones! It's that good!

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                • andypandy
                • U@H
                • 29 Sep 2016

                Is anyone using whatsapp on their Nokia 6233? If yes, can you please tell me how and from where did you download the jar file?

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                  • Tee
                  • 0mp
                  • 29 Sep 2016

                  I loved this phone, and i still own it and full working condition :-) great stereo sound and S60 or S40 OS ... used to send lots of sms and calls with GF :-P

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                    • BVBSGP
                    • XQa
                    • 29 Jul 2016

                    I Like so much this phone

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                      • AnonD-560937
                      • 2S@
                      • 17 Jul 2016

                      zack, 08 Jun 2016best phone for music lover,thers no phone can beat this pho... morei want to buy this phone

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                        • AnonD-492061
                        • 9Fx
                        • 26 Jun 2016

                        Guys just look at comments from the 1st few pages...valuable ones....this is one grt phn that i used for many years.... Grt built

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                          • zack
                          • Hka
                          • 08 Jun 2016

                          best phone for music lover,thers no phone can beat this phone in term of music/speaker until now....

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                            • marlon
                            • fxP
                            • 12 May 2016

                            Is this phone signal good at underground? Some phones arent. My 6124 have great signals. Thanks. If its good may get one.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 2SU
                              • 27 Apr 2016

                              superb I have been using since past 9-10 years and no complain at alll.....

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                                • Anonymous
                                • bCY
                                • 22 Apr 2016

                                Excellent mobile. Camera very good. Good quality video and sound recording. But, after a few years, it gives problem, like the inbox does not open sometimes.

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                                  • AnonD-508829
                                  • iJD
                                  • 28 Feb 2016

                                  Good I ues it in 2010 so nice

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                                    • Sajid
                                    • 6P}
                                    • 21 Dec 2015

                                    Its Supper *****

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                                      • rumpet asmy
                                      • Hkt
                                      • 13 Nov 2015

                                      Yes indeed it is,in my opinion it is the best phone ever,and still i am using my 6233 since it is stil the best,it has 34.2mp cam,and superb speaker.

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                                        • H B Singh
                                        • P$n
                                        • 09 Nov 2015

                                        This is the best phone of 2007, its sound quality is now equal to dolby system or more than this. Battery good backup, still working very fine and i am using it till now.
                                        Only now the battery is become weak to stay on line need charging with 4 hrs.
                                        This is very good phone.
                                        Harbhajan Singh