Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260

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  • Arghya

Nostalgia! I bought the black version of this phone in 2004. I saved for half the amount and dad gave me half the money. Fast forward 15 years - my father is now using the phone!!

  • Anonymous

My first color phone in my life. I got on my b'day when I was 19. It still works like a charm. The battery surprisingly lasts for hours. I still play Bounce game for nostalgic feelings.

I am 29 by the way.

  • Rhome

I got this phone as gift from my wife so many years ago..i have downloaded many games.. Musics though memory card is only at max of 2gb at the time.. But this phone is awesome... Dropped it accidentaly so many times... Already changed it covers for 3 times.. But all i say is no complaint at all when it comes to it durability..and i miss this phone so much!!!
I still have it.. But not working anymore.. Guess theres no forever after all....

  • AnonD-758037

This phone remind me to my little brother..when finally he can bought it by himself although in second hand, I can still remember his smile when he can get this he has passed away..miss u brother ;(

  • Znarf

vinz, 04 Mar 2012philippines you can buy it in sidewalks :)Which city?

  • Gabriel

This was my first phone ever. I downloaded about 50 games with it before when I was still a kid. The phone was really awesome..aww I miss ya buddy ;-;

  • Ionutz

I still have the phone, is brown, but not working anymore. Man, memories..

  • Anonymous

I miss that phone sooo much

  • AnonD-609637

AnonD-514181, 15 Mar 2016I miss that phoneMe Too :(

  • AnonD-514181

I miss that phone

  • AnonD-506743

OlgaK, 20 Nov 2015I want to buy a new original battery for Nokia 6260hello there..
if you wanna this battery just visit nokia care in youre hometown.. :D

  • OlgaK

I want to buy a new original battery for Nokia 6260

  • Ardweaden

Somayehzare, 11 Aug 2015Hi,my nokia6260 need a servis pleaze help me ,heeeelllpppp me!!!!! What's the problem?

  • Somayehzare

Hi,my nokia6260 need a servis pleaze help me ,heeeelllpppp me!!!!!

  • Somayezare1326

Hi ,my phone is nokia6260 ,my phone need servis,i need help you ,i live iran

  • SAM

reza, 08 Apr 2014i use this phone for 10 years. i have an iphone 5s, too, but t... moreNokia 6260 is my crush and would be my last.. from where I can I get this phone?? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase//

  • reza

i use this phone for 10 years.
i have an iphone 5s, too, but the nokia 6260 is my love...

  • I_newbie

Ha, still use it as a backup phone. Work great and very nice.
Awsome !!!

  • vicky

amir, 13 Aug 2013my6260nokia works perfectly for 8 years and i am satisfiedI Salute u bro.u still very loyal wit the fone..I use to have it wit me back in when it was launch..I really miss dis fone.. :)

  • Mary Muthuri

Good morning,

My name is Mary Muthuri, and i am writing to you from Kenya. I am visually impaired and have to use screen reader software on the phone - such as TALKS - as well as on computer - such as JAWS - since i cannot see. I have been using TALKS on Nokia 6260 until 2 months ago when the phone was stolen. I acquired Nokia E72 but TALKS does not work as well it worked on the Nokia 6260. I have looked for a Nokia 6260 and N90 in Kenya but cannot find at all.

It is for this reason that i am asking if you can get me a Nokia 6260 or N90, even if it is used. A phone that can read back in the same way that the Nokia 6260 did is a crucial part of my life both in the office and at home. I am desperate and will really appreciate any help that you can offer me.

Thank you,
Mary Muthuri