Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260

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  • Anonymous

very very appealing to me!!!!!!!!

handphone layout copied from lg 7100 and samsung p400.
this phone got everything a 3rd gen. requires!
-mp3 player
more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it will be hell-damn expensive..

also very heavy!!!!!!!
overall gj nokia! u improve

  • Anonymous

ccoolll !! Good job Nokia, well done !!! Nokia has changed their way to design a handphone !!!

  • Andrew

Nice design Nokia, did you kidnap an LG designer to make this phone???

  • Claire

very kul!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

wow..this is really kool
i wonder if its gonna be availbale in the uk

  • mystic

high res. color screen. massive memory, high tech equip. features,funky design, this phone is perfect. i'm impressed (and surprised)Nokia were never good at makin' good screens but there you go, the world moves on

  • Gobbles, InQ.

wow! what a phone and what cool features! check the nokia-site for the wireless BlueTooth fold-in keyboard :D

  • Anonymous

i think it looks great asnd its features are also coooooool

  • dirty dave

Me first!

  • Anonymous

A 6230 with a new design and a bigger screen.Why not ?

  • unknown GSM freak

I live in belgium and I don't think he's going to be available there *crying* *running to the store to buy a N7610*

  • Anonymous

looks very good.

  • adnan

hmm looks good