Nokia 6260 slide

Nokia 6260 slide

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  • bavi

such a great model i like it....! clour is so

  • Anonymous

Seems like a good phone

  • Anonymous

Please! GSMArena, this phone is worth your review!

We all know it doesn't have multitasking or even a document viewer & it has cheap plastic build but if you're a nokia fan, this is one of the best from them. My Nokia 6700 Classic doesn't have a WiFi like this one has but at least its slim design & metal outfit make up for that.

--5 megapixel Carl Zeiss autofocus camera + dual led flash with excellent image quality
--320x480 HVGA 16M color screeen resolution
--WiFi, 3G and secondary video call camera
--Series 40, 6th Edition UI
--Built-in GPS receiver
--Bluetooth (with A2DP) and microUSB port

--Cheap plastic buid
--Xenon flash would have been more than appreciated
--Series 40 feels clunky & out of date
--Memory card under the battery cover
--No multi-tasking & Office document viewer
--Only 2.5" audio jack
--No TV out support
--Mediocre video quality

This phone has been released for over a year now. We look forward for an upgrade that has an 8MP camera with xenon flash

  • ABC

Ahmed, 25 Jan 2010what about sound quality?can't denied, the sounds quality is very good.

  • Ahmed

what about sound quality?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970very good fone

  • vineeth

i have Nokia 6260 slide.I would like to know how will use front camera.

  • preet

i like this pohne.... gud look

  • mohammad

yesterday i brought 6260 slide mobile. i tried to install FRING. bu it is not supporting. Can u tell me the reason. or any other option to install FRING.

  • shahzad

i want nokia 6260 slide and how to use 6250 side front cameras and is there any software like mp3 player ebbudy and man messenger

  • ABC

I just bought that phone few days ago.
so far so good & price is reasonable.
GPS is free & able to connect to WIFI easily.
No SIM card & screen problem.
loud speaker very nice.
Should be catogorized as a good phone.

  • JNC

Chapter # 3
Hi, I fix the problem ,know all the phone is working OK, is nice and easy, but so many steps to go online, and the GPS is not for free .... :-( but work ok with google maps.
But the guy how write before is right no suport from nokia customer care. I you already have it, ok, but if you are thinking buy one, better go for another model or brand. My friend bought the sonyericsson G-705 and is so so happy with it, that was my first option , but I did not know why I change my mind at the last minute ...

  • sopo

gsmarena please make a review of this phone has a better rezolution(like the iphone rez) than n86 is a grat phone

  • Anonymous

I've my 6260 Slide from one month ago .. it's simple .. 5 MP Camera is very good ,
speaker sound is very Good ..
but my pplm is in the battery !! it doesnot last !! As i'm talking about 5 or 6 hours Daily .. So i'va to recharge it 3 times within 48 hours !!
But Over all .. it's a good Phone

  • jaseg

i buy this cphne lst wek and i just found out that this model doesnt have much suported programs and applications its a waste of money i trully regret of buying this phne

  • JNC

Chapter 2: Got the NOKIA reply .. "have to be the SIM card", but the sim card work fine in others phones like 3 diferent models of sonyericsson and one motorola, waiting for the excuse from nokia... please wait for chapter 3

  • JNC

I just buy one last week, work fine and is very nice and interesting, only have to follow the instructions.
But have a problem any way, when you conect the phone to the pc lost the signal even if you disconnect from the pc, and have to restart the phone to get the signal again.I am waiting a response from NOKIA CARE CENTER

  • Pratyay

if anyone here owns a nokia 6260 slide then pls review it and give us links to the pictures taken by it{in any social networking site)................ please this is a request..................

  • aliff


  • vasko

this phone is experimental model in nokia,he is not for sale,onli veri litle phones in sale