Nokia 6300 4G

Nokia 6300 4G

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  • Shz

Do anyone know how to restore backup from nokia symbian phone to 6300 4G?

  • Zohi

Extremely slow.
Doesn't maintains recent call record

  • Learning

This phone provides this services:
i) Wifi,
iii) Auto google contact syncing (i was tensed about it)
iv) update of every app
v)Very good quality call network
vi) Whatsapp etc.
Really amazing that they are still holding their basic feature and updating that to this day.
Definitely recommend it fot secondary phone.

  • Ahmed

Extremely slow
doesn't maintains recent call record
pathetic and not recommended

  • Pg

Please nokia company return make past heavy quality symbian phone and made in hungary or finland.....thanks.

  • Pg

Battery backup not operating slow....good past symbian nokia phone...but nokia 6300 4g network good....

I can't connect my bluetooth headphones to this thing (CAT B35 can ! and even the Nokia 225 4g no Kaios, has no problems), so for me its worthless !

  • Ram Abhilakh

I wanted to know this phone support 4G callings WiFi and by when this available in Delhi india

  • An Ex Nokia Fan

amblors, 24 Dec 2020Why is this phone together with its sibling the Nokia 8000 ... moreThat's how they build interest for the product I guess.. Hope they are worth the wait

Why is this phone together with its sibling the Nokia 8000 4G not widely available?

  • Satyam

when we will be getting this set.
Please provide as soon as possible in the market .we are eagerly waiting for it come ....

  • nik

its support Indian 4g band? LTE Jio

Any idea if this phone supports operator wifi calling i.e. VoWiFi...

  • Anonymous

Please what is the sms capacity and phone book capacity

ehte13, 30 Nov 2020you have to compare about price old 6300 vs new. Lol.. yes.. these people compare original with remix.. but don't see the price comparison.. and up to date'ness.

  • Anonymous

i dnt know, what actually nokia doing these days.
Feature phone's display should be little bigger with better resolution.
Price should be more reasonable.
In Asia, feature phone has still much demand, Nokia shall work on this.

Pls what is the phonebook capacity

  • Sasi

Bluetooth versions

  • ehte13

Vineeth Achary, 27 Nov 2020Cheap build from Nokia in 2020 , old Nokia 6300 feels dura... moreyou have to compare about price old 6300 vs new.

  • Laadla Ansar6

Volte support or not