Nokia 6300 4G

Nokia 6300 4G

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  • daud

daud, 21 Aug 2021whatsapp wont install it only opens from inside the store. ... morenever mind i found a fix for this. A sim card is required to install the app

  • Sunbird

Very bad battery,so bad I wasted the money to buy this hell of a phone

  • Atta

Very slow and very bad beattry. Don't buy it. 😊

  • Anonymous

msharif77, 11 Nov 2020With the following features, I would definitely buy a Nokia... moreYes

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021You right Right

  • Anonymous

American corporate's please give nokia back to the finns so we can get a decent feature S40 OS phone again(515) in 4g, the phones you are making are just ending in landfill in a years time.

  • daud

whatsapp wont install it only opens from inside the store. i have to re install whatsapp everytime i close the store app. basically unusable. it is gone when i close or press back button

  • Dante X

Pretty disappointed, I bought this phone for the FM radio. In 2 hours the battery is completely low. Waste of money

  • Riyad

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021unfortunately it's a very common issue. either change ... moreI hope,,, next update hotspot issue will be solved..

  • Anonymous

Riyad, 12 Aug 2021I'm using it as a hotspot..but i'm facing a pro... moreunfortunately it's a very common issue. either change your on-screen timer setting for the maximum duration or return the phone if it bothers you that much. a new update might be coming soon that 'might' resolve the issue but i'm not sure. good luck.

  • Riyad

I'm using it as a hotspot..but i'm facing a problem,,when phone's display off hotspot Doesn't work and connection closed..if anyone know how to solve it please informed me..

  • Anonymous

Ishara, 08 Aug 2021It is not User friendly and very slow. All 4G nokia feature... moreYou right

  • Ishara

It is not User friendly and very slow. All 4G nokia feature phones are fail compatre to ther previous phone in 2000

  • Swaraj

Please stop treating kai os as a flagship kinda os . It's not . Bring it to low range feature phone

  • Nokia 6300 4G

Reviewer , 10 May 2021This phone was a bit slow at first, but now after recent up... moreNo Support Nokia 6300 4G

  • Danish Pakistan

Very innoying mobile phone hangs too much and slow operating

  • AnonD-990549

Need a phone for text messages. But I don't like to type on the peace of glass. .
Need phone with largest SMS capacity and for long use.
Can someone help me.
How many SMS capacity of this phone?
Can this phone is good for texting?

  • Ali

I had some other types of Nokia. They were really good. It is only one weeks that I have bought Nokia 63004G. It is really disappointing, boring and annoying. The main problem is that I do not receive most of my messages. They are blocked or lost? The other problem is that, when I search my contact list for somebody and call him, that call is not regestered in the call logs. This phone is also slow, but its voice quality is good.

  • Blessed

KK, 31 May 2021The most disturbing thing is the keys - one hit is often re... moreIs like all kios os is the same thing because I dumped my Tecno kiaos because of slow response

  • Anton

Does the 4g bands stated in the specification is compatible with the Philippines' 4g bands?