Nokia 6310 (2021)

Nokia 6310 (2021)

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  • Ranjith Kumar

Outdated features, wholly inappropriate

  • Hasan

I think one of the best future phone in the world.

  • Anonymous

This mobile phone still used by many business know why?coz'of some personal security reasons.

  • Bidhan Bhattacharjee

Absolutely superb 👌

  • Kamran

Uffff to muchs costly than others upto 5inch Lcd mobile. Nokia still manufacturing 2003 1100 series and like same in too small lcd. Money wasting mobile

  • Babu Sirbabu

Bring it to Kenya, we like feature phones for our "private" lines and mobile money.... waiting to buy one. Looks wow!

  • Venkat

Bharath , 31 Jul 2021We all know now the trend is 4g & very soon 5g is going... moreKindly reconsider such low configuration, Because it can't able to serve todays needs. It's is lovely product once.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2021I still don't understand why Nokia will be producing 2... moreIn India all 3G net works are replaced by 4G network as on 2018 ,now its only 2G,4G & 5G.

  • why

for god sake, why no company makes a small smartphone (3.5 or 4 inches) with updated config and 5g?
they are all bigger than 5 and almost 6 inches!

This phone could be some toy or something...0.2 mp cam, 8 mb RAM, 2G..LOL..

  • AllaN

Nokia is still not leaning from his past mistakes smh lost the throne to Samsung.

Today a feature phone must have 4G network with Tempered glass, i understand it wont be as sturdy as glass can break but i wud prefer changing front body panel instead of living with scratched plastic.

  • Anonymous

I still don't understand why Nokia will be producing 2G phones at this time. No one needs a 2G phone anymore. A 3G or 4G will be ok. I hope Nokia will not ship this "shit" to Africa or Nigeria. Please, don't. There are so many 4G feature phone produced by Nokia, only one got to Nigeria (the Banana phone) Please do the needful.

hmd global doesn't deserve the right to make and sell mobile phones under the nokia brand! thats all from an old hardcore symbian user! peace everyone ✌

  • Kamran

Why 2g phone. Phone is nice but we want 4g network and WiFi hotspot .

  • Don76

Must be better if 4g or 5g.....this handphone is good looking body, style and simple to my favorite fon....

  • Anonymous

Need to think future 2g is obselete .Even 3g services are been stopped so why relaunch a 2g phone. all feature phone must be 4g

  • Shree

Sheriff, 30 Jul 2021Will it support 4G sims ?It's a basic feature phone for voice calls. Cellular voice calls still use GSM (or 2G) technology. Mostly data traffic is routed via 3G, 4G or 5G.

  • Saim

Azam like it, 31 Jul 2021LikeNice mobli nokia

  • Insky

Bharath , 31 Jul 2021We all know now the trend is 4g & very soon 5g is going... moreI wouldnt call it a trend, a trend is something that alot of people follow, this is more progress than a trend itself, its stupid to make a phone with 2g when 4g is so cheap nowadays, and even though it maybe doesnt have some features that require 4g like for example app store u still need 4g to make calls and alot of countries currently have a better 4g infrastructure than 2g

  • Anonymous

Who is using 2g now. Such a waste product