Nokia 6310 (2021)

Nokia 6310 (2021)

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  • George

Sheriff, 30 Jul 2021Will it support 4G sims ?Gsm is 2g so no 3g,4g or 5g

  • Ololoeff

akumado, 29 Jul 2021i for a moment thought it has 8 gigs ram lol8 Megs

  • Sheriff

Will it support 4G sims ?

  • akumado

i for a moment thought it has 8 gigs ram lol

  • Nokia touch and type

Bring back touch and type phones...

The point is that when the phone is designed to be a 2G only phone, nowdays there're not anymore many chips available for this price range products and obviously they can't have features some would expect. The time of custom chips for custom o.s. based high end feature phones is probably over; most of the "modern" feature phones had often similar chips depending on the project. Sometimes limitations are a choice, other times comes from the chips limits. There's been in the past some interesting phones (with 5MP autofocus camera or even AMOLED screens) but those were high end expensive feature phone, sometimes with more powerful SoC only few still built others not, few times even with smartphone SoC to drive feature phone o.s. Could it be possible to build an high end feature phone as in the past? Of course but not for these prices. A possibility might be to expect the available chips to reach their limits installing their best possible components or external ideas like the polarizer display filter of the 3310 3G or better keypads or to install more advanced displays even if low resolution. And also newer 4G oriented feature phone chips might give more possibilities to see more advanced feature phones in future.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 20215 MP camera with 30 EUR price tag could make the phone kill... moreThis phone would never be a "phone killer" even in your wildest dreams. 5MP camera? 4G? Bro it's a 2G feature phone, there just isn't any processing power for 4G or any camera bigger than 2G. I swear most people here don't understand how phones work.

Wish it had been a little higher specced to go with the nostalgic model number.

  • Dero

Probably it will have less functions than the original 6310. :-)

  • Pikpik

SShreyas, 28 Jul 2021What do you expected? SD 888+ with 1000Hz refresh rate, 100... moreAnd also 108MP quad camera with OIS zies optics would be great

Considering the main chip choice from the official specifications (beside with Bluetooth 5.0 as a new feature) a different camera module choices would still be limited at max 2MP camera choice on this hw, more or less like modern previous 2G feature phones recently used. I don't think many companies are making many 2MP "high end" modules anyway.
So to use a 5MP higher quality module with autofocus or whatever, it'd still need a more expensive hw platform to support the higher resolution module.

Also to compare these phones with the original ones might not be correct, older versions were mostly middle-high end products with much higher price target and often higher end materials/components (for their times). In my opinion the 105 4G and 110 4G release means that future feature phones might be finally better considering newer SoC chips are now available for 4G networks and with that the possibility to support better hw/sw.

  • Anonymous

5 MP camera with 30 EUR price tag could make the phone killer. A 4G version with 8 MP and hotspot support at 50 EUR would be awesome.

Only, a few minor mistakes are holding back Nokia in feature phone market. It's pathetic to see Nokia crushed by small companies in my country.

  • MihaiRO

I preffer the old one 2002 instead of this!This is just a parody comparing with old business 6310i !!!

  • AnonD-1010845

The original Nokia 6310 was announced in 2001. It had a 1.8-inch monochrome display and didn't have a camera. At that time, there weren't many camera phones, and most phone screens were monochrome ones. The old 6310 supported GSM 900 and 1800 bands, and was a single-sim phone. It was released in late 2001, had a 1050mAh battery, and was available in three colors - black/gold, silver/gray and red/gray. Another variant was announced in 2002, and had all the features of the original 6310 (1. 1.8-inch monochrome display 2. No camera 3. GSM 900 and 1800 bands 4. Single SIM slot 5. 1050mAh battery). The two phones looked the same, but there is one feature that wasn't announced till the coming of 6310i. The 6310i was optionally installed on some Merecedes cars. A "cradle" was installed in the dashboard, where the phone was securely kept. The connectors provided electricity for the phone via the "cradle", routed the audio paths to the car's audio system, and instead of an internal antenna, an external antenna was mounted on the chassis so it could provide stronger signals to the phone. The phone was available in 3 colors - black/gold, silver/gray and biege/gray. And now about the new 6310 which was announced in July 27. This phone has a 2.8-inch color display (bigger that the original Nokia 6310's display), a 0.2 megapixel camera (very small), supports GSM 900 and 1800 bands, and has dual-SIM slots. It has a 1150mAh battery, and is available in 3 colors: green, yellow, and blue.

  • ar86

The only draw back is micro USB

  • LHU

Nice sentimental design but the rest of specs is very dissapointing. Such a phone should be a feature-equivalent of Nokia E52, a very good business phone. Unfortunaletely it's a (very) dumb phone.

www, 27 Jul 2021What a crap .... Come on so low specs , it is for what ?!! What do you expected? SD 888+ with 1000Hz refresh rate, 100GB RAM and 2 TB internal?

  • AnonD-990549

Need a phone for text messages. But I don't like to type on the peace of glass. .
Need phone with largest SMS capacity and for long use.
Can someone help me.
How many SMS capacity of this phone?
Can this phone is good for texting?

  • Anonymous

AWESOME! could be amazing, if J2ME was supported. I would like to get one.

Nice design, looks very retro. Recognizable as the old 6310(i). But I keep my Nokia 3310 2017 for a longer period of time because the specs of the 3310 are better.