Nokia 6510

Nokia 6510

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  • Ghetto

verry nice phone, it is DEFINETLY the best non-color phone on the market. verry pleased with mine. good one nokia. :)

  • jackson

i've always been a nokia fan since many years ago. but i'm getting very fed up with nokia now days. just gotten the 6510 2 mth ago, then phone just simpily switch off it self and turn on itself sometimes. i got to force myself to continue using nokia all because of the huge memory and user-friendly function. Look at all the up coming models.. they looks like shit. not to talk about the function when their look is sux. nokia just keeps on producing new models but their software is shit, they did't even test their phone properly before launching them into the market, and therefor causing problems to the users. talking about their 8800 and 8900 series model, i believe most ppl aggree tat the 8850 was a very successful phone at the time when it launch because of it's elegant look and solid software which is very dependable. look at the 8855 which is so big and the heavy, inconvinence 8910. If samsung's model have chinese input capablitly, i would have bought it instead of the 6510. Nokia.......u are losing out

  • Pantik

This mobile photo is the best by my opinion!!!The radio is very usefull!!!

  • Pedro

HEY, here in spain. AMENA are giving away
this phone just for 69 $, is it that good????

  • antonija

can someone tell me the price of nokia 6510 in europe in euro?and if someone has something against this phone, mail me please.i would like to buy it very soon.thank you all in advance.

  • neil mark

6510's fm radio is mono!!(",)..

  • dewagsm

the fm radio in 6510, stereo or mono ?

  • NEO 201-=[mark]=-

it's very cool, 6510's battery can last up to 4days with radio on!! 1 week & a half radio off.!! so far ididnt yet experience auto shut off like the other mentioned.!! very cool,!!! nice nokia!!

  • kimhorth

I am very pleased to use this Nokia 6510, because it's up to date and small one.

  • Anonymous

this phone's memory is gd enough to beat others model upside-down. having GPRS, HSCSD, Radio, Wap(to name a few) is gd enough for most ppl.

  • jackson

INNOVA, wat do u mean by special functions? wat can u expect a phone this small to have huh? TV? camera? GPS?.

  • jackson

no, the keypad does not fade off

  • deepu

nokia 6510 ka rate
full rate with bill

  • privateuser24

Can anyone tell me if 6510 have the same problem like 8310 about the keypads: after sometime of use (a few months) the letters/digits fades out or get erased.

  • Nawin

i am choosing between this phone and 6610 i think 6610 is better but abit big to carry around. Also i think 6610 will be more expensive. Can anyone suggest to me which one i should buy.

  • The Dr3am3r

I bought this phone after i've had 6310i and 8310. 6510 is an alternative for both of them (overall 6310i is a very good phone but it's huge, backlight is too dim compared to 6510; 8310 is very stylish, nice backlight, but poor sound/voice recorder, unstable software). In terms of quality and size, 6510 is better compared to this phones. Except Nokia's phones(3310, 8310, 6310i), other phones i had(Siemens SL42, Ericsson T29, T65, Philips) were crap. Good work Nokia !

  • blah˛

the best non-colour phone around! =)

  • benen (16)

i think 6510 far outbeats all other phones. some ppl might think it looks like a toy, or is too common, or even too simple. but sincerely, isnt this phone built with the simplicity of loads of functions? 6510 is both easy to use and its functions outbeats the 8310 and 88++ series. its kinda like a combination of sports, personal liking and elegance. 6510 is so compact too, and with the style and features there together as one, it simply makes this phone a worth buy! and a great deal =)

  • Ovidiu

I just bought this phone and I wanna say that it is the best one I ever had. For a bussyness class phone it is the best that can be. I reccomand it to everybody who cares about the way he/she communicate.

  • Pham manh thang

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