Nokia 6555 review: 3G with a flip

3G with a flip

Jan Horalík, 25 January 2008.

One megapixel should do

Even if a midrange offering, we just can't help feeling disappointed with the camera on Nokia 6555. These days 2 MP are the straightforward down-the-middle type. What we get in the 6555 is a 1.3 megapixel shooter. Autofocus or LED flash are not even to be dreamed of in this range of clamshells. The lens is placed right above the external display in a slightly projecting nest. That's the only protection against scratches, and there's not much you can do about finger smudges. Clean the lens is what you'll need to do before taking a shot.

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
Camera viewfinder and settings

The maximum picture size is 1280 x 1024 pixels, the default camera interface orientation is portrait. Image quality is passable in good light, but with inadequate lighting or in high-contrast scenes prepare for excessive noise. Nokia 6555 is not capable of shooting close-ups. The photographed text is barely readable. For shooting self portraits you can use the external display as a viewfinder.

Sample pictures taken with Nokia 6555:

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
The night mode can be of help

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
Digital zoom is available, up to 8x

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
Some color effects

The camera can be quickly activated by the dedicated side key, which also serves as the shutter button. In terms of settings, we're dealing with a typical low-to-mid end Nokia. Users can adjust white balance and picture quality, there's a self-release timer, burst, night mode and several color effects. Digital zoom is also available, up to 8x.

Nokia 6555
Gallery and File Manager in one

Nokia 6555 captures video in 3GP format, and recording length is only limited by the available memory. Video resolution is the meager 176 x 144 pixels. The gallery - typical S40 - accommodates file manager functionality. Some basic editing may be applied on the shots, which can also be sent via Bluetooth or printed over PictBridge. The internal user available memory is about 30 MB.

UMTS, but no video calls

Nokia 6555 is yet another 3G capable device, which is saving on the video-call support. Within the company portfolio, there's only one non-smart clamshell to offer video calling: Nokia 6267, also available as the T-Mobile branded version Nokia 6263. Along with dual band UMTS (850/2100 MHz for Europe and 850/1900 MHz for US), Nokia 6555 offers quad band GSM support at 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz.

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
Phonebook menu • phonebook entries • contact details • editing a contact

The phonebook of Nokia 6555 offers space for 1000 entries. Each contact can be assigned a number of details: five phone numbers, email, web and mailing address, birthday, company, working position and text items. Synchronization with Outlook is trouble-free. Contacts can be arranged in groups and assigned pictures and ringtones.

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
Ringing profile settings • call log

The searching method is gradual typing. The language-independent voice control is especially handy for calling your contacts. Push-to-talk support is there too. There are no novelties regarding ringing profiles, the handset can also be used in Flight Mode without SIM inserted. The only way to accept an incoming call is of course by flipping the phone open.


No novelties are to be expected in messaging either. The supported message types are: text, multimedia, audio, flash and email. There's a single editor for both text and multimedia messages; inserting any multimedia content (image, video, calendar note, etc) switches the editor to MMS mode. You can also pre-select the message time in the Message Settings menu.

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
Messaging menu • folders by message type • two font sizes for messaging

"...supported message types are: text, multimedia, audio, flash and email. There's a single editor for both text and multimedia messages; inserting any multimedia content (image, video, calendar note, etc) switches the editor to MMS mode..." <#AdRectangle#>

Font size can vary when composing a message, at the smallest font up to 10 lines display. A T9 dictionary goes without saying. 1000 characters is the maximum length of a text message, the character count is always displayed. The recipient number can be typed straight into the addressee box, inserted fro the phonebook or the call log. You can also set one of your contacts as favorite and it will always appear as the first choice when inserting recipient number.

Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555 Nokia 6555
Incoming message • reading a messages with varying font size • inbox

The native email application is also available under messaging. The supported protocols are POP3, SMTP and IMAP4. The email client can handle up to five accounts. Automatic retrieving of email can be set, opting between entire messages or headers only.

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  • albert

I have 5 phones of Nokia 6555b in my family. they are really junk. I could not get them to stay on. It goes off automaticly after a little while. and I could not find a way in the menu to make it to stay "awake". Could anybody tell me what ...

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone due to its sleek design....I feel it has fair to just ok pic quality. Its battery life is terrible I have to keep it attached to a charger all I have to get is one call or text and it drains my battery even after it has sat on a c...