Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • rajat

i like this mobile phone because in a very cheap rate its a complete mobile with all the features.

  • Jazz

I have been using this phone 4 bout 2 years now n id like to say its one of de most reliable phones....De cameras great but de zoom is insufficient. De pics really look nice on pc......De browser is very stable n im writin this tru ma browser now.....But de looks arent dat good but its reliable....Battery is above average n de phones good 4 textin....Bein symbian u can use all sorts of stuff on it......Its a lil outdated now bt still works great!! Kudos 2 nokia !

  • fozex

its very nice mobile u can use it more than any mobile

  • aman

IT IS A VERY [khassi] phone but still i love it coz a salesman [CHAAPE] this mobile to me but still i will suggest everybody to buy it ......Think why?

  • ryu

what is the maxim size of the mmc that this phone can support?


it is a first mobile which i have purchased
it is a very beautiful mobile .

  • Aman

three cheers 4 this phone hip hip hurray hip hip hurray hip hip hurray. u know why coz i found this phone & i like this phont 2
bye bye

  • Anonymous

its a really good mob.. can any body pls tell me how to load mp3 player software in it

  • aman

best phone i have ever used. only prob is the size,its too big

  • indian

hi everyone,just brought it morning and it just rocks.Nice styling good looks superb camera and great symbian system.Sound quality is a bit low compared to my sony k508.Even mp3 ringtone is great.why are everyone here telling that it has no mp3 tone function?I have transferred some mp3 songs and they are working as ringtones..

  • pradeep and sachin c

hi i have just got the phone after reading the opinion on gsm areana,and really stisfied with the hadset as it is compataible with symbian operating system

  • fred

4 the best go for a nokia ericsson(bad joystick if it has one),motorola(the worst battery life),samsung (most weakest and fragile).i'll like to know if this phone can be upgraded to 1gb or 512mb. thanx nokia brethren

  • henry

had this phone b4 & i had almost everything on it from antivirus softwares to mp3 players,and over 30 games.i lost it and planning on getting a new one.who cares about using mp3's an tones or not having a mega pixel or more a symbian phone softwares can change anything.most of u will agree that this is one of the best nokia hansets ever.

  • Manas Mitra

It's an excellent set with respect to price of other sets. Only downside is that it's audio has a mono output and sound is considerably low with repect to 3230. But Still its a value-for-money set.

  • chino

help asap

i already downloaded ogg player, ultra mp3, but when i try to send an mp3 file thru my fone by using bluetooth. i cant download. even in ir. help how

  • kaushik

hey anybody does know a software to lock gallery and a software so that we can set a mp3 as a ringtone or to make it built mp3

  • aimer

great phone ! 66' rullz

  • James

Everybody, hey guys talking abt the Nokia 6600 this phone is awesome. The phone has got almost every thing that u expect and also it is very handy & good looking. I love this ph a lot and i hope u guys will also do. & if anyone out of u guys thinking tht whether u should by this ph or not then u guys r wasting ur time just do it it`s great. B`coz if u use it then only u would b able to understand how wonderful this phone can be for u as well. thanks, by to all take care.

  • kavi

hey anybody know of a software to lock phonebook and messages??thx

  • roger with pony tail

i dont know.i never used it