Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • Arabian guy

6600 the best

  • johnysss

If anyone has this phone please contact me.i have msn account.add me in the msn messnegr?

  • DW2000

Can someone please tell me if this phone can hold more than 100 ring tones, 100 diff wallpapers and 100 games If it cant it no good.
I must have lots and lots inside it to make me cool. You lot really p**s me off.

  • [v1p]

aww...come on..share wif me plsss... my email .. yes.. 6600 can listen to mp3... juz copy and paste using pc suite 6600... it'll automatically convert to .wav ... ^^

  • Johnyssss

what is going on with nokia batteries?
can anyone explain this to me?

  • $@M!

this is one of "THE" best mobile phone ever produced by NOKIA.... Keep it up u guys

  • Decampong

i love my phone!!!!
nobody can beat nokia!!!
i've had almost all phones in this
planet and still, i keep coming back to
n o k i a!!!!!!!

keep it up, guys!!!

  • Decampong

this is the best phone in the planet to date.

  • lewis

can you get an 64mb or 128mb card for the nokia 6600 like the n gage

  • Johnyssss

How small is it?the appearance?the screen???very big?any stucks? much does the battery holds.tell me anything about this phone

  • sina

is NOKIA 6600 can MP3? whats type of
ringtone?? midi or mp3? ??? it can be or not ?

  • Anonymous

stinx total business type practically for the hard working n money making people out der

  • BOOM

explosive news for all nokia die hards! see the link below:

  • Shaveen

This phone is stunning. I just like to congradulate the guys at NOKIA for an excellent mobile communication device. I will obviously buy it this December

  • Devil

The colors are wonderful! The camera is slightly better then the 3650, but not too much... Same level as P800 or P900. The 65k color TFT screen is near perfect, the phone is SMALL and very pleasurable to hold, I cannot suggest it enough.

  • Johnyssss

Has it got nice screen?nice colors.if anyone have this phone cna u desribe it to me?about the resolution??

  • Rohit Chadha

My good opinion for these fabulous gadgets might be a little undescribable but anywayz they are stunning, mind blowin n wow...well no end to it.I would love to accept n read mails regarding theses n many more to come..I wanted to go on but then therez no end

  • anna

can u add mp3's through this please

  • Devil

To the dude asking about the video length:
I get about 9s when I move the camera too much; if it's pretty stable, you can get 11s to 15s... EtiCamcorder works on 7.0s though, so you can get 5mins! :)

  • Devil

The flaws of Third party software for Symbian 6.1 & Symbian 7.0s OS is huge!
I have my resource website; I can't give it out though, sorry ;P