Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • RoCkstar

bam, 26 Jul 2010excuse me guys, how can i upgrade my firmware for my 6600, my fi... morehmm .. i think is better u dont upgrade ur phone firmware cuz nokia has stopped release firmware for this phone many years ago.. but if u want u can google it for the firmware .. .

  • Rockstar

vinayak b, 20 Jul 2010how can connect nokia 6600 to pc?well.. this phone don't have usb port.. so u can use either bluetooth or infrared to connect diz phone to ur pc ..

  • pradeep pdp kpd

this is my 4th mobile .. am very satisfied in all facilities except the pc suit facility...
hands off to nokia

  • hamza

Kranthi, 04 Aug 2010This is very very very very good phone evry one should have dis ... morecan you send me all nokia 6600 games at my email,


It is the best supporting phone.

This is my first love....

  • Shakhar

It is a gr8 phone.....ibut now a days its keyped is gatting problems......but its good...this is my first phone and i love mujhse kai baar gira he per isse kuch nahi hua...koi aur phone hota to kabka band ho u my n6600...:D

  • Kranthi

This is very very very very good phone evry one should have dis it supports play station games also like prince of persia , god of war nd many more nd very standard nd xcelent phone i love this very much

  • Abhijeet

Its amazing phone.It has nothing given by nokia even mp3 player but It Can do almost anything by downloading softwares.CAMERA can be converted to 2mp resolution by downloading flexicam.sis v 0.8..amazing gaming,software support,best joystick..I LOVE NOKIA 6600

  • undertaker

i luv u 6600. u r great phone u r best in dis world no ph can evr beat u in all makes in all brands luv u once again 6600

  • Douglas

My phone can dial and receive call but there is no display or light on screen at all .What could be the problem ?

  • Anonymous

Believe it or not! It can also support 2GB DV-RS-MMC (with adapter) I tried it on the 6600 of one of my friend!!

  • john carlo

its the best phone ever made . you can do more with it.
download wathever you want

  • Akhil

Gr8 fon...
Serving me 4 looong 6 years... Addicted 2 it...

  • Sourav

This Beauty has served me for 6 years (2004-2010)& I am really grateful to this phone. This is the best phone I have ever had(N72,N73& 6680).Alas! nokia had stopped developing this phone,if only they could ve included the usb & edge,(& later shift it to a new 3g version with the os 9).It has everything 4m blue-tooth to Ir-DA, i can use it as a tv,vcr,dvd remote and A vast collection of apps.thanks Nokia ,Thanks 6600.I love You.

More over I am going to shift to the E72 For my Next business phone.

  • bam

excuse me guys, how can i upgrade my firmware for my 6600, my firmware is 5.27.0, i hope that somebody can help me.. thanks in advance..

  • Shane

I loved you from the very first time I met you. You were so stunning and performance, well, what can I say. We have been together for seven years now and my eye is beginning to wander. Lets face it, you're a 2G girl and I need a 3G with larger, you know what. It's good bye 6600, go and drop out with your hippy friends.

  • Achu

vinayak b, 20 Jul 2010how can connect nokia 6600 to pc?This is the real phone n6600 old

  • Badusha

superb mobile memory extened up to 1GB

  • badusha

superb mobile memory extened up to 1GB

  • vinayak b

sathishkanna, 30 Jun 2010plese tell me nokia 6600 free games download.comhow can connect nokia 6600 to pc?