Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • Anonymous

this phone is kinna kool i used 2 have it hehe ..

  • vach

this is a great phone as a os60 phone but it`s old now.

  • dj mani

this is my phone

  • Anonymous

this phone is really wonderful and i really like this one. anyone of you knows the price of it?

  • jonathan

please give me some websites with downloads for symbian s60 for 3650 or 6600. please mail only helps.
my email is

  • Anonymous

hiiiiiiiiii..i want to set mp3 as ring tone but it didint.....can any body tell me what i dooooooooooo...replyyyyy at

  • vince

I have using this fone for 1 time. that is a very big phone ,,, eventhough built in mp3 camera with VGA.. But this phone is very greatest in the past. very good to buy tit


i want to select the mp3 tones as a ringing tome in nokia 6600.what can I do For this

  • Anonymous

is their dtacble of 6600........please tell

  • sarath.p.s

This is a good phone , I have been using it for last 2 yrs.Main attraction is it reliability ,that force me to choose this phone.

  • anu

i have been usin this cell for 3 yr now...its simply customer frndly i luv it !!!!well wat more u want from a cell its still rocks inspite of fallin enven got washed in machine lol

  • jerry

i've been using nokia 6600 for the past two years, it's a fantastic phone. my problem is about MP3 profile.

  • Yasir Ali Bacha

My name is Yasir .I am from mardan pakistan.I am using this nokia 6600 since 2004 .I bought it at the cost of 22 thousands rupees in that time.
Its very amazing .
I do not have words to appraciate this nokia 6600.

  • amir

it is a very nice mobile i like it but his prblem that it cant play mp3 files at all it is a very nice mobile.

  • Ricardo mexico

I have a Nokia N73,but I have had a Nokia 6600 since 2004,and simply is excellent.It works perfectly. I think it is one of the best Nokia phones ever.

  • masama

people, this here is a really gud phone!! I recommend it it to anyone who is up to some real fun from a mobile, I mean you can install and uninstall all sorts of software, ha its just the phone to have!! If you havent tried it, you dont know what you r missing. But, yeah it does have its flaws, like poor battery life and poor mp3 sound quality. Besides that its really a nice one!!

  • Anonymous

i am using this set for 3 yearsssssssssss....its greattttttttttttttttt

  • Akhil

I have been using this phone for the last 4yrs. It is just a lovely phone. Get the necessary s/w and this phone rocks. I can even set mp3 ringtones. This phone is also very reliable. Dropped many times & still works.

  • Prateek

Its a great great phone..i used it for 1year..its user friendly characterstic and support to various softwares n applications makes is a great n successful phone..its best among all d phones used by me till nw..
bad luck nokia has stopped manufacturing it..

  • Anonymous

I transferred softwares on the mmc.When i try to install the softwares it keep saying file corrupted.I formatted both mmc and the phone but the same thing happens.Any1 know why n how to fix it pliz tell me a.s.a.p.