Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • Joseph

very big,bulky,weird features ! Most of them dont work fuction properly after sometime !

  • Hawk

Oh, ok thanks. I'll buy an MMC card later..
is this phone really loud?

  • Simon

It was the best phone I've ever heard. A bit big but worth it. Awesome phone really. Too bad it got stolen :( I miss it

  • Katrinah

Hawk - I dont know how many pictures can be stored by using internal memories, but best stored in mmc just so it wont lag =)

Wiccababe - Honestly, the camera is fine for me ^^ but I did install another software called cameraFX and the pictures turn out a bit better lol =P

To set mp3 as ringtone, you just need the codec which you can download for free when you google it =D

  • Hawk

Hello, I was thinking of purchasing this phone. About how many pictures can it store with just the phone's 6 MB memory? I'll buy an MMC Card later.

  • russel

i hv been using this handset for last 2 yrz..........i m mst say m lovin it................this handset roxx

  • Wiccababe

Hi Im planning to buy this fone but can i ask u first guys..?does the camera thing work well?is it fine?coz i really love taking pictures..ahehhehe..I hope somebody can help!I dont want to regret it after..

  • Younas

Its really a good mobile but i cannot set a Mp3 as a ringing tone.Can someone help me to set Mp3 as a tone?

  • Anonymous

I hav install but it still not setting mp3 as ringtone It say messaging unknown file format

  • Anonymous

it has data canle or not???any body tell me

  • Riaz

From where i can download it the ultra mp3


It is the best but the only thing is mp3 and toooo heavy

  • panik _rick

the softwere is called ultra mp3 you can down load a trial or full version

  • ALexis

to omar zafar
- i have the answer to your question. you can use MP3 as ringtone in 6600. search plugin.sis on the web and install it. this will incorporate MP3s on your phone- God bless

  • Adnan

it has very low speed why can any body tell me tat

  • Omar Khalid

There is problem in my 6600 when i send mp3 to 6600 from other phone through bluetooth or infrared it cannot play from inbox it says tat messaging unknown file format.Why it is saying tat but it is very good n nice phone

  • M.Omar zafar

Hai....I know tere is software to set mp3ringtone on 6600 what is the name of software plz tell me any one who know

  • viij

crappiest phone ever..features suck..tone volume is low..the quality of mp3 is really bad..(if u use mp3 softwares lite ultramp etc)..only good thing is tat its rigid owing to its bulk.. overall 4/10.. going 4 SE

  • Hisham Shoeb

Very Good HandSet

  • solomon

nokia 6600 is the best phone in the world so far as i am concerned.but its lacks fm radio,because of this i want to switch to nokia 3230 is this a waise choice.plz let me know.