Nokia 6600 fold

Nokia 6600 fold

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  • Anonymous

i have just bought a 6600 fold and can not find any information on how to use the front camera can anyone help??

  • sami

the voice was terrible , until i turned the "voice clearity" option, "active". i think it's a great phone, just that it does not ring loud at incoming calls

  • Gili

Hey guys,

Someone knows where is it made? Someone told me Made in hungary, is it true?


  • Henry

Thatz a sad excuse for returning the fone, itz like all other nokia fones when it comez 2 messaging, when you wanna insert a msg while texting, u jus hold dwn the no. u want or u hold down the # button and choose number mode. This fone is is a classic, and d way it flips open @ d touch of a button makes it a masterpiece.

  • seb

just bought the phone, I was a big fan of the 6267 which I cant get anymore here in Indonesia, but this one is quiet pricey but nice. Just one thing: you cannot insert a number when writing a message, that's the most stupid mistake ever and therefore I return the phone

  • roy

Anyone know how to allocate a particular ring tone to a particular contact?

  • Anonymous

yup, its too pricey for basic phone. Shall wait for price to fall

  • jona

From the pictures I didn't think it looked so good but in real life its quite nice... Still aint getting it though

  • q

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2008the features are good but the only problem is that they should a... morebigger? why , why i just dont get the idea ?!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2008sound quality is decent similar to 6600 slide. I searched for ages for a nice 'girly' phone. In Australia all the phones lately seem very masculine, big and chunky and look too businesslike.

I have finally settled on this one because it has all the features I want like a better camera than my SE 750i and looks very sexy and it comes in purple!

  • Anonymous

swizzkiddd, 23 Oct 2008good question - everyone wants a log -what rolls downstairss ren... morei did not get u, does it have a log or not??

  • Henry

Good fone, the equaliser in music mode gives it a superb advantage over most fones, dunno abt it being more of a ladies fone, bt I hope it won't be very popular coz a popular fone puts me off.

  • babe

black one looks really nice, but i must admit that it looks way better when closed..
Sizing of phone is really nice.. smaller better!
BUT its totally overpriced, its all about marketing because this phone, although looks nice isn't worth the money!

  • swizzkiddd

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2008does it have a log?? can you delete one number at a time or u ha... moregood question - everyone wants a log -what rolls downstairss renand stimpy gettit?
seriously idk.

  • azung

I just got 6600 fold phone. It very good, fold technique make it good for laidiies lol.

I like how it flip, many good phone features make many improvement.

I over moon and sun for this phone.

Nokia king of flipping ability for many moons

  • mobile shop egypt

definitely good phone

  • mr x

I like this phone

  • :))

Very good phone.. i'll say - in the purple colour is definitly for ladys :)

  • mic

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2008I dont have an instructions manual. so can anybody tell me how t... moreyou have to push on the button on the right side nice but expensive

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2008just read the instructions manual! it explains that you just ope... moreI dont have an instructions manual. so can anybody tell me how to use the carrying case. Is it just openning the top and pushing from the bottom? or anything else??