Nokia 6600 fold

Nokia 6600 fold

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  • rina :)

bagus sih tapi kaya bapa2 , kurang anak muda :D

  • @anjelina

Yes anjelina, it does have that function/map. You do have to manually install (takes only 15 seconds if you know the way around in Nokia Menu)

  • Hanoi63

The keypad of Nokia 6600 fold is too ugly. It is so ugly that it is can not be uglier. Really crazy !!!

  • Greeneyes

The best phone i've ever used

  • anjelina

plz someone tell me if nokia 6600fold has a delivery reports folder in messaging or not?

  • Farhad

Ane, 24 Sep 2009Could any one please tell me the current price of this phone? it,s about 220 $

  • Anonymous

i already have this phone since last november, it is a great phone but i want to buy a new one because of:
1- i need more functions.
2- it's ringtone volume not high.
3- if i talked for a long period it gets hot & i dont know why!!!

  • Ane

Could any one please tell me the current price of this phone?

  • osaima

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2009Does it come with the USB cord, or do you have to buy it, cause ... comes with usb cable, also it comes with a special case for it, but no cd for nokia programms, you have to get it from the net.

  • Anonymous

Does it come with the USB cord, or do you have to buy it, cause i would like to put photo's onto my computer, and my computer does not have bluetooth.. ?

  • pink

i have this GLAM phone for nearly half a year.. and it is so brilliant! i love it! for those of you who are as fuzz/prep as me, you'll surely love this! camera is good, sound quality is good. if you're after style and convinience.. have this. if internet.. get a laptop. by the way i bought mine in Philippines and I'm using it here now in England, no network problem =)

  • Anonymous

Is this great than 3710 nokia fold....???? i think it is

  • Tim08

jio, 15 Jul 2009my friend had also this kind of phone... and she also have a pr... morejio! What do you mean about the scroll key (D pad) is cracking? Do you mean the D pad can not be pressed or can be pressed but not working?

Thank you!

  • sumanth

thataw, 30 Aug 2009i like this but no moneyit is very nice..

  • Anonymous

well,what can i say after the whole lovely comments & ugly once as well...hmmm, the colour is beautiful but... i reserve my comments.

  • baji

could u pls tel me price of this model?

  • the king

this is very classic,but now don't have so much glory
cose.too cellphone in the world! sorry i don't speak english very good.

  • thataw

i like this but no money

  • egan

ty for calling at&t about your wireless no.

  • juicysko

i love this it now....