Nokia 6600 fold

Nokia 6600 fold

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  • maria

osaima, 04 May 2009well, this is not true. I have using this phone with my calls an... morethks Osaima,
I've read a lot about this problem in the netherlands. there are a few people complaining about it. anyway, i'll buy the phone because i'm just in love with it. we'll see what happens ..

  • gu

abi, 05 May 2009does 6600 fold have "say caller name" option?no,it does not say the caller name.

  • abi

does 6600 fold have "say caller name" option?

  • Anonymous

yes the phone gets hot after 10 minuts of talking, not really much ,but its avery nice phone an it works ok

  • abby

this phone is the best now i can send my emails esier and faster than before.thanx to nokia

  • osaima

maria, 04 May 2009I'm thinking of buying this phone but i've heard from some peopl... morewell, this is not true. I have using this phone with my calls and yesterday I spoke for 15 minutes, nothing has happened at all. the phone did not become hot at all. where did you hear that from?
if you wanna buy it you can. it is really nice and very slim and style.and the most important, it is not becoming hot at all.

  • afli

thanx osaima

  • maria

I'm thinking of buying this phone but i've heard from some people here in Nedtherlands that after 15/20 mints talking the phone gets so warm it's almost impossible to keep it close to your hear. is this true? has anyone had this problem?
thank you

  • Anonymous

osaima, 29 Apr 2009Hi aflli, first, for the battery, I am not a heavy user, but w... moreIve got the purple one and it has also clock infront the casing.Even you can choose between 2 different ways of watching the time

  • chinsz

well its a great phone,easy to handle, very slim and nice net connection

  • osaima

Hi aflli,
first, for the battery, I am not a heavy user, but when I bought it I was using and discovering and adjusting it all the time, with all that trying the battery stayed for 5 days then I charged it again.So the battery is good.Second,for the speaker, yes it is loud enough and I can hear all the callers and all the persons no matter what,and all what was said about the speaker is not true.but you should put the voice volume on the highest level,and have fun.even the ringtones are loud and I hear when the phone is ringing, but some people are comparing this phone with N73 or N82 or anything else.yes, it is not like N73 or others, but it is loud enough.
and for elvi
yes,there is a clock outside the phone in the two versions , the black and the purple, and you can make it digital clock or analoge clock.I like it.

  • elvi

i see from picture, the black one has clock infront the casing and the purple one there's no clock. is that true? i love the design. but i like fold phone with clock, so when fold it i still can see the time. can somebody help me to make sure if can see time when the phone fold.

  • aflli


can you tell me about the battery of this phone??
and the speaker,,
thanx dude^_^

  • osaima

Hi again Nikita,I just want to assure you that the keypad is not from rubber.It is plastic as I said, so you can be sure.Actually, it is so fun to write a message with this phone,the buttons are so easy to use and comfortable.As for the price,in my country it is about (USD 260), I think it does not differ alot.
and for nikk, no it is not a girlish phone.I see that it is for both girls and boys, but it is for the youth cuz it is comes with two versions,black and for me,I did not find the purple one so I got the black.

  • nikk

is this a girlish phone? And if it is in black version?

  • gaga

Why the phone widens the photos when I put it for photocall?

  • Nikita

osaima, 25 Apr 2009Hi nikita,how are you? well, for the keypad, no, it is not meta... moreHi, osaima! I am fine, thank you!
So, you think the keypad made from refined plastic. Seems good too. I just worry if the keypad made from rubber. Because my friend said to me rubber keypad won't last long. Hmm.. you said the push-to-open mechanism button is good.
From all Nokia phones that come to my country, I like Nokia 6600 Fold only (for Nokia phone). Unfortunately Nokia 6600 Fold is still very expensive in my country (about USD 270). Maybe, I should wait some months again until the price go down.

Thank you for your answer, osaima!

  • Greg

hi guys.
is nokia maps free or do you have to pay for it?
thanks you.

  • osaima

Hi nikita,how are you?
well, for the keypad, no, it is not metal, it is a very good and refined is not cheapy plastic. I assure you it is good.the only metal thing inside is the menue button,which is in the middle if you can see this picture of the phone here in this website.
the push-to-open mechanism button is great untill now.but I can not tell or predict if it will last or not.but,even if it is not, what is the problem.still, you can open the phone manually. it is so easy.

  • Nikita

osaima, 25 Apr 2009Hi guys.I have boghut this phone since a week. it is really good... moreosaima!
Does Nokia 6600 Fold's keypad made from metal?
Will the push-to-open-mechanism button durable?

Thank you before!