Nokia 6600 slide

Nokia 6600 slide

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  • Anonymous

the battery life is ok. mine takes 2-3 days normal textin and some calls before it goes empty. i love this phone. and dont compare this to iphone just look at the price difference ok?

  • maja

razak, 01 Jan 2010i am using this phone for last 10 months It is a very cool phone... morewhat can you tell me about batery life, it is very important for me. Thanks!!

  • Saqib Shafiq

It is simply "The Best". For hanging problem firmware update through the Nokia PC Suite can control the problem

  • razak

i am using this phone for last 10 months It is a very cool phone with feature rich Display becomes damaged due to the problem of the connector and also hangs while maps application runs eventhough i love my phone !!

  • Anonymous

6600s= fine 6600is= best slider phone

  • john

does anyone know if unlock codes are available for this phone yet? Have the phone on 3g, need to get it unlocked.

  • goodboy52

I've got mine for about ten months already, and it works perfectly fine. The phone got a very cool looks, its actually a conversational piece.

  • Fred Perry

this is one bad phone. i mean, this laconic and nugatory phone is not fit for my style. it is not recommended. i recommend that you buy an iphone instead of this.

  • saleem sheikh

The handset is undoubtedly beautiful but proves to hopeless performance wise.

  • Anonymous

noelLa, 11 Dec 2009how much is the 2nd hand price for this phone?around 5000rs

  • Arun

dont go for it... stupid phone... ya look good but work slow... camera oh man too bad.. and ya 3G but only 386kbps speed only.... i tell u... trust me...

  • Iram

its been almost 6 months using this handset.Its beautiful sleek,little heavy ,yes the slide is a bit shaky but not Delicate...! Camera 3.2 gud one ! i have used N70 too, but find this one better ...Females prefer this handset more ..shud go for it ..

  • Anonymous

f, 30 Nov 2009yup..definitelytnx :)

  • noelLa

how much is the 2nd hand price for this phone?

  • Asma

LCD is easily to damaged...drop twice 4 that

  • jane

i've been using this phone for a while now. the features are fine but got used to N70 before so i still prefer N70. also the slide is somewhat shaky. i'm afraid it won't last long.

  • tintu

Deepak, 02 Dec 2009heyy guyzz can any body tell me how is it..???s yaar its a nice one u can buy this

  • Deepak

heyy guyzz can any body tell me how is it..???

  • wildchild

Is the blue part around the central button a d-pad?

  • Anonymous

jamshaid ali, 25 Nov 2009i buy this mobile here in loacl market on last saturday21st nov ... moreits bcoz its a n66ooi it is equiped with a 5.6 m.p camera