Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610

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I have bad memories with this phone. I lost this phone on the street and my hearst so broken as hell!

  • Varun


  • Denish

Best ever Phones, I remember my old memory.

  • kapil parmar

yes i agree to this .... I have been using this phone still and iam so happy to use it's a different feeling altogether

  • AnonD-819322

Aadrian, 10 Jan 2019I think the Nokia 6560 is a very rare phone since it's US o... moreYeah, probably will never find one, the 6610 will do though :)

AnonD-819322, 25 Dec 2018The US variant of this phone (6560) was announced on 12 Sep... moreI think the Nokia 6560 is a very rare phone since it's US only. I just looked on ebay for fun, it can't even be found on there. It's gonna be a hard time to find a 6560 I think.

  • AnonD-819322

The US variant of this phone (6560) was announced on 12 September 2003 which was the exact day I was born. I live in UK, so it's impossible to get the 6560, the 6610 is the original though. This is why this phone is special to me, I hope I get it one day. I make 1080p videos on YouTube (same name as my GSMArena account) as I am a Nokia phone collector, so far I have a 3410, 3510i, 3650 (Faulty), 3109c, N95 8GB and a 5230. They are all in decent condition. I have made ringtone videos on the 3410 and 3109c. An overview video has been made on the 3650 as it's faulty so I can't make a ringtones video or retro review. The 3510i ringtone video is in the works, so are the rest of my phones.

  • ajori

hi i have one its still working and i want to transfer the photos from it but i dont know how. can any one help me out

  • krishna

why not open internet in my phone

  • Aadrian

Suhail Ansari, 13 Oct 2016My father had this phone..for a while only but I went backt... moreAbsolutely, back then you could differentiate with a phone, stylish, swivel, clamshell and sliders. Or a phone like this, business and style. Now only slabs. Quite boring, I miss those days.

  • Suhail Ansari

My father had this phone..for a while only but I went backt in those good old memories.. I have spent with him.. I used to play that Ball game called Bounce on it.. That phone used to look very stylish on him.. I used to think that one day when I'll become something, I'll also get one.. Today we have so many models, companies, features to select and buy.. But their is no charm, no style and No MAGIC of those golden days of cellphones..

  • lekan olaitain

i want to unlock nokia 6610

  • Anonymous

6100 Nokia Phone is my LIFE!!1

  • santosh yadav

Very good set

  • AnonD-436689

One of my first phones!!!!!!Really Miss u!

  • k

My first Nokia phone. My memory lane.

  • Aadrian

One of the best business phones from Nokia, very cool design.

  • Lyla

Is true! One of the best phone ever and I still have it and use it. I am very happy with this Nokia 6610 and I don't remember in which year I bought it but has more then 10 years, so is a smart phone 100%!

  • AnonD-402275

it was my first phone ever bought for rs.9900/- in year 2002

  • Sweth

It's my first phone bought in 2005 for Rs.6000/- white colour and it is one of the cutest phone ever made. I think many of you guys agree with me ?? Miss this phone a lot :(