Nokia 6610i

Nokia 6610i

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  • Minu
  • ter
  • 16 Apr 2024

I love the fact that this database lists this phone as being released in Q1 2004, whereas it was actually launched much earlier in Q4 2002.

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    • Mustarayev
    • 0w4
    • 30 Jan 2024

    My real 1st Phone...

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      • ifAmericansKnewORG
      • 0@C
      • 26 Sep 2023

      Still in use in Poland - operator sent me warning about planned switching 3G off... so maaybe it will be last breath in air. Battery is problem, sunny day is also difficulty.

      Very good phone, 15 years ago;)

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        • Oldman logan
        • tuh
        • 16 Aug 2023

        My 2nd phone.. memory with my ex

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          • Catamlk
          • 0UX
          • 25 Dec 2022

          I still have it. Great phone!

            • M
            • Minu
            • ter
            • 27 Nov 2022

            This phone is the great grandfather of the pill camera island

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              • AnonD-1046991
              • wvL
              • 11 Jul 2022

              viktorhun, 04 Feb 2022or usb with pc suite ? Pop-port, impossible to buy because this is today's smaetphones

                Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021u can do it with ir infrared option in this phon to another... moreor usb with pc suite ?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • avC
                  • 24 Apr 2021

                  Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Hi Sir! Were you able to store your photos from your 6610i... moreu can do it with ir infrared option in this phon to another comptable device

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                    • Amirhossein
                    • TqI
                    • 28 Dec 2020

                    6610 (2002): no camera
                    6610i (2004): included camera

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                      • Anonymous
                      • I@H
                      • 26 Oct 2020

                      AnonD-188187, 19 Sep 2013I have had it (Nokia 6610i) working very well for about 8 y... moreHi Sir!
                      Were you able to store your photos from your 6610i to another device?
                      I want to save mine also. Please help me do it.
                      Thank you so much!

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                        • abdul hadi
                        • 6Qj
                        • 10 Jul 2020

                        sir i have an old set of nokia 6610i
                        its battery is lost i need its internal mamory
                        kindly sir inform me if u can restore it for me
                        plz i need its internal memory reply soon

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • dW2
                          • 17 Apr 2018

                          The Nokia 6610i can transfer to Infrared, but only limited to contacts, not pictures and sounds.

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                            • BANKY GEE
                            • fuI
                            • 17 Nov 2016

                            please i urgently need this phone

                              I remember when I had this phone, it was perfect. It had the looks of a business phone, a color screen, IR port, FM radio and a built in camera. It was really awesome. The only problem was the Nokia 6230, that was offering even more, but it was too expensive for me at that moment. I really loves this phone. I got myself a 6230 after this phone but it wasn't as good looking as this one...

                                • p
                                • peter
                                • Mfx
                                • 02 Nov 2015

                                I had this for >10 years with the original battery, until an error message about service appeared, the phone shut down randomly and the camera no longer works. I wish my new phone will last as long as this one!

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                                  • z1
                                  • XPJ
                                  • 25 Aug 2015

                                  Anonymous, 22 Feb 2014This is the best Nokia product ever produced. I have used i... moreN72 remember it! That was the best Nokia set.

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                                    • akucinta
                                    • tUd
                                    • 27 Dec 2014

                                    my 2nd phone fristly i have nokia x2 01 handset and after then this........ so shiny handset and battery backup is good but not excelent

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                                      • Net
                                      • S1h
                                      • 03 Oct 2014

                                      My current phone. I have it for 10 years and it still works. I did not even have to change battery.

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                                        • tonio
                                        • vpd
                                        • 10 Aug 2014

                                        so i'll go to the electronics with my nokia 6610i. it says "all 3 problems like no signal, memory defect and camera operation failed, is on a board chip and ill cost about a thousand. so ill keep that phone in a safest place and ill buy a new one.