Nokia 6620

Nokia 6620

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  • Khoo Sik Eng

may i know what r the different between nokia 6600 and nokia 6620?

  • najib hassan

its a nice phone care to give me one for free juz to help u guys promote this phone in asia.... plz

  • chris

this is a grate phone i recomend it to any one

  • rajeev

hello nokia
i am reguar user of nokia cell phone (gsm) in india, your latest model is very nice but your price very high to compare other company please if your pices will minimum your costmor very high my eng is tuty fruty

  • mystic

beautiful phone. At least nokia has its strong points.

  • Anonymous

if you want to see the feature of this fone pls try to search it at bcoz they have sum pic of this fone

  • Anonymous

very ugly shap and gprs class 4
silly hase egde quite fast

  • douglas

i want to buy it

  • adeel

very gooddddddddddddd..........

  • rudy


  • Kjartan

It is an American and improved version of Nokia 6600, it now alsĺ supports mp3 and edge which is a big diffrence. To bad it is only american..

  • ha.

y the nokia always wan 2 design a same type of phone??
izzit same wif 6600?
i think its same
only got LITTLE different

  • Will

Hey dimwits, this phone is exclusively for the USA. Go to and then you will find this is the American version of the 6600. Lucky them. Looks better too.

  • Attila Csatádi

I like buy it on the net; How much is it for me?

  • DMX

WTF?... First 6600 and now this?.. What's the diff?...


where is this model available.
can we place order for 50 units.

  • tooberk

You cannot use this phone in europe... pity :)

  • livenkickin

Dude.........Does this phone really exist?????? its not avalible in the Middle east, india or pakistan......the dealers dont know abt this set? it aint avalible

  • 6600 owner

comon what is that a joke , why did noia send the 6600 to the market then 6620 as well cant it remember to make the best once and 4 good , i have a 6600 and i feel that its not fair to bring a better 1 with the same shape.

  • Dr_T610

thats weird WHERE IS HELL did this come from??