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Nokia 6620

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  • kian

my 6620 dies easily even after a full charge of the battery...i tried to replace the battery but still problem occurs...what could be the problem of the unit and can it be repaired or do i need to dispose it and buy another phone?
thanks to those who will answer...

  • 6620user

does anyone knows how can i download the I.R REMOTE? i wanna get it for free..☺

  • ricky

would it be safe to use a BL-4c battery instead of BL-5c?

  • swanta charlz

havn`t used it 4 long but itz tech n can take so many applications but d actual applications i really want izn`t supported by d fone.stil wondarin` if it culd take 1G,it shuld i tink.

  • neika

i have this fone and the ringtone is low i did evrything to turn it up and nothing happen there was no change wat could be the problem

  • omar

Hello, i heard that someone his cell phone send a porn (nude) pics to other phones or masseges, yes this is kind of viures that attach the smart phone, and there are alot of antiviruses that can be download on nokia 6620 like norton ,kaspersky..etc.

  • Des

Yep, I have 6620 and it look like 6600. Sometimes it the signal is bad for Globe users... how can I activate the GPRS and MMS in thhis phone? Im so confused. Tahnks!=)

  • kougaiji

im from philippines i have this nokia6620 but when it use sim here in the philippines it wont work the network well not accept and ai cant connect to GSM here. . .wht will i do? help me

  • symbianlover

it is look liked a nokia 6600 but it is much better.

  • Anonymous

Hawk, yes Nokia 6620 can work in the Philippines provided that you use a SIM provided locally. You can purchase your sim in the Philippines.

  • Pelozaki

- Symbian 7, you can find software for everything you want
- Very clear photos for a VGA camera even on night, the size can be enhanced with PhotoAcute
- 10 minutes on video recording mode
- Menus totaly customizables
- Very strong phone- Totaly Stereo Mp3 sound with a cheap nokia HDS-3 wired headset
- Cpu @ 150mhz, games run very smooth and even can run some n-gage games
- A Large amount of RAM, 26MB.. your phone will never fall in 'Out of memory' after trying to run an aplication (much more RAM than any 6600, 6630, 6670, 6682 or 7610 phone )
- Support MMC and RS-MMC card over 1GB

- A little big phone
- Internal speaker sucks, the sound its very poor
- VGA camera (640x480)
- MMC Slot behind the battery

One of the most complete and powerful phones made on 2004 - 2005, it's much more than a simple 6600 revision ..

  • mohammad

mr kevin

try to put your phone out of vibration and do not charge it untill goes to last bar of the battery.may be when you got it the first time did not charge it properly

  • hawk

Hello, I was wondering if I can buy a regular headphone jack so that I could play mp3's. Or would I have to buy a pair of stereo headphones from Nokia or on ebay? Also, will this phone work in the Philippines when I get it unlocked?

  • kevin

it really cool and everything, considering that memory is expandable, but i have a unusal problem, my battery seems to die out before the end of the day. i dont no why, Can anyone of you sheild somr mlight in this please, i would really apppreciate it. thanks.

  • Anonymous

to have viruses in your nokia 6620,you have to reflash it.

  • Angelica G.

i love this phone

bulky but makes me feel secure when i hold the phone
sometimes when opening file folders, it's slow
looks better than an ipod...LOL HA!
it was confusing at the first time i had it. but i got used to it.
lots of storage space with the card in it [not SIM and i forgot whats it called]
alarm clock is
it does not break easily. i dropped it several times and it still lives :D lol
i love this phone aside from my SE w810i. :D
i mostly use this phone as an mp3 player, alarm clock, timer, and paperweight [lol...jk].

the camera in my phone is vga so sometimes the quality of the videos and pictures i take look bad and messy. sometimes audio is so soft even when on max volume.

  • rita

I had this phone for years and its great as far as memory and every thing its like a pda. The only problem that i have recently with this phone is , that it starts to send porno website to unknown numbers and i get calls next day that i text some one porno website at 2.00 in the morning. I know it sounds wierd but i just print manual for this phone and i will reset my message setting to see whats wrong. But other than that this is the best phone i ever had.

  • Anonymous

this phone is so tite!!! if this had a, say a 2MP camera and more onboard memory,a new look interactive menu and stuff and this wud be a god of phones i really like my phone u've noticed....never seem to get mig33 work tho but i know it does because it jus has too

  • j-yac

Having connection problems with Nokia PC Suite. Doesn't seem to be the drivers but I'm not positive. Any input or suggestions?

  • Anonymous

I have dropped this phone in water, juice and coke and it still works. I am The features are great. Only problem is the size and shape kinda ugly. But by far the best phone out there. I recently bought the samsung d900 and it does not even come close to the features. Saymbian is the best. I have gone back to the nokia