Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • Anonymous

mine reboot now often.

  • chie

i have this when i was in highschool, i remember the struggle sending mms image using regular load. And i have a customized back case which you can attach a telescope in it.

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2018Why it keeps retarting itself?And the Nokia 6630 is 14 years old

  • T323240438N

it is a very strong phone and sturdy, mine is still working never knew it could survive all these years!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2018Why it keeps retarting itself?because it's 2018 and you're using a Nokia 6630

  • Anonymous

Why it keeps retarting itself?

  • *#33248#

A very nice phone.

  • Mr1476

Great device one of the best phone there is.

  • parsa

4813!!, 29 Apr 2018My first ever phone still working up to now! :DI think it is time to change

  • 4813!!

My first ever phone still working up to now! :D

  • DM21361

A very nice phone, had this device for 8 years already still kicking and alive. One of the best phones ever!

  • AnonD-734734

Another one which I owned - upgraded from the Nokia 6600!!

This was my first 3G smartphone - I remember that this phone had the capability to make 3G face to face video calls (with the aid of a front facing camera add on stand) but I was gutted at the time as the network I was on (O2), did not support this feature!!! :(

Nevertheless - this is one smartphone I absolutely loved!!!


  • PKsAyOce8!9!U65D9A60

Very awesome phone, the best smartphone ever created in the earlies!

Still working wtttffff!!!!!!!
10 years awesome..

AnonD-670765, 20 May 2017this is world's first 3G phoneNo it's not, the first 3G phone was the Nokia 6500.

  • AnonD-670765

this is world's first 3G phone

  • G_Master

This Phone is my beloved

With new battery still working great.i love my nokia 6630 terminator....

  • anonsaz

best phone ever, once cracked and upgraded ;)

  • Bomberl

I'm still using this 6630 for write note, awesome keypad