Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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With new battery still working great.i love my nokia 6630 terminator....

  • anonsaz

best phone ever, once cracked and upgraded ;)

  • Bomberl

I'm still using this 6630 for write note, awesome keypad

  • AnonD-448298

the 1st multimedia mobile of my brother

  • Anonymous

AK 47, 27 Sep 2016Nokia is Dead Now.....Nokia is coming back!

  • nasser irani

AK 47, 27 Sep 2016Nokia is Dead Now.....I have also really is very good phone

  • AK 47

Nokia is Dead Now.....

  • AnonD-561278

Sam, 07 Dec 2015Can anyone give me details about its headphone slots??You need to by an adapter ( Nokia sync port to 3.5 mm ).

  • AnonD-561278

This phone is build like a tank. Game it to my mother and she has been using it for years without a single issue. I actually updated the phone to the most recent stock firmware. Phone easily can do basic internet browsing thanks to the opera mini browser. Thanks to the DivX player ( can be installed on the phone ) it can playback videos in amazing quality.

  • AnonD-8044

Still working but on 3rd battery. These were the exciting days, come back Nokia with your quirky designs to end this boring slab smartphone that is now.

  • mamun

best phone i have ever seen....still working so nicely

  • sady hussein

This is the first mobile phone that I took my first selfie in 2009 in Kurdistan, Iraq.

  • Pk Hello

My old mobile phone 6630 run over
It's best

  • Sathu Khonglomyat

6630 is my best mobile phone

  • milan

This is my first phone in my life....I'll never forget my first phone

  • meedeeaa

it was a revolution in the release time i bought 2 and now both of them working well .
when you open the phone you can truly see the quality of the hardware made.

  • rohan gite

it was my first smartphone still working mow in good condition
excellent phone

  • NokiaLover69

The first smartphone I ever had, downloaded application that could play Super Family Computer,Game Boy, Game Boy Colored, Game Boy Advance And Super Nintendo System.

Very powerful phone! Screen keeps going blank but still can turn it on once in a while! :3

  • AbduL SalaM

It was my best phone in 2005 and till now
I love it....

  • AnonD-428191

I had this phone since 2006 and it is working till now. I use it for my second sim. Never replaced the battery but for my bad luck I lost the original charger 😕. RIP NOKIA