Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • PKsAyOce8!9!U65D9A60

Very awesome phone, the best smartphone ever created in the earlies!

Still working wtttffff!!!!!!!
10 years awesome..

AnonD-670765, 20 May 2017this is world's first 3G phoneNo it's not, the first 3G phone was the Nokia 6500.

  • AnonD-670765

this is world's first 3G phone

  • G_Master

This Phone is my beloved

With new battery still working great.i love my nokia 6630 terminator....

  • anonsaz

best phone ever, once cracked and upgraded ;)

  • Bomberl

I'm still using this 6630 for write note, awesome keypad

  • AnonD-448298

the 1st multimedia mobile of my brother

  • Anonymous

AK 47, 27 Sep 2016Nokia is Dead Now.....Nokia is coming back!

  • nasser irani

AK 47, 27 Sep 2016Nokia is Dead Now.....I have also really is very good phone

  • AK 47

Nokia is Dead Now.....

  • AnonD-561278

Sam, 07 Dec 2015Can anyone give me details about its headphone slots??You need to by an adapter ( Nokia sync port to 3.5 mm ).

  • AnonD-561278

This phone is build like a tank. Game it to my mother and she has been using it for years without a single issue. I actually updated the phone to the most recent stock firmware. Phone easily can do basic internet browsing thanks to the opera mini browser. Thanks to the DivX player ( can be installed on the phone ) it can playback videos in amazing quality.

  • AnonD-8044

Still working but on 3rd battery. These were the exciting days, come back Nokia with your quirky designs to end this boring slab smartphone that is now.

  • mamun

best phone i have ever seen....still working so nicely

  • sady hussein

This is the first mobile phone that I took my first selfie in 2009 in Kurdistan, Iraq.

  • Pk Hello

My old mobile phone 6630 run over
It's best

  • Sathu Khonglomyat

6630 is my best mobile phone

  • milan

This is my first phone in my life....I'll never forget my first phone