Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • milan

This is my first phone in my life....I'll never forget my first phone

  • meedeeaa

it was a revolution in the release time i bought 2 and now both of them working well .
when you open the phone you can truly see the quality of the hardware made.

  • rohan gite

it was my first smartphone still working mow in good condition
excellent phone

  • NokiaLover69

The first smartphone I ever had, downloaded application that could play Super Family Computer,Game Boy, Game Boy Colored, Game Boy Advance And Super Nintendo System.

Very powerful phone! Screen keeps going blank but still can turn it on once in a while! :3

  • AbduL SalaM

It was my best phone in 2005 and till now
I love it....

  • AnonD-428191

I had this phone since 2006 and it is working till now. I use it for my second sim. Never replaced the battery but for my bad luck I lost the original charger 😕. RIP NOKIA

  • AnonD-477852

first smart phone in my life ... i love it so mush .

i hope we get the 2 gen of this on android.

  • Sam

Can anyone give me details about its headphone slots??

  • Anonymous

SHUBHAM, 18 Sep 2015From which website I can download WhatsApp from Nokia 6630.I don't think there's What'sApp for Symbian, not sure. There's NoApp however

  • Anonymous

Just completed 10 years of continuous use of 6630 with just one battery replacement in between. Got an Mi couple of days back but feeling like giving away the new one and go back to 6630.

I'm using my Nokia 6630 from 2007. Now also it is good as Solid. Alternately I'm having Nexus 5 for Social use but this 6630 is for office calls alone which did not let me down in any situation.


AnonD-405011, 10 Jun 2015Hello Nokia lovers. I have a Nokia 6630. I love using keyp... moreFrom which website I can download WhatsApp from Nokia 6630.

  • AnonD-439025

While I agree that the 6630 was awesome; i'm on a galaxy S4 here that's just cleared the 2 year mark and still cracking.

  • Awesome

This device was a powerhouse in it's day.
People think the iphone was when you were first able to get good apps but you could get emulators, e readers, music players and loads of other awesome stuff, except messengers, those were crap on symbian.

  • oxo-boxo

12345 is security code Unless U changed it!
*#7370# is one option but not sure what is the resul
and try pressing simultaneously the green button and * and 3, this will do a hard reset.
Hard reset is the last option, it means U got a new phone!

  • AnonD-428191

This phone is extremely awsome, still working till now with its original battery since 2007 I think. RIP NOKIA

  • AnonD-428191

AnonD-405011, 10 Jun 2015Hello Nokia lovers. I have a Nokia 6630. I love using keyp... moreI think you can
Go check whatsapp website you will find an app version supports S60 series

  • vag

how to reset the lock code ? I have forgotten and I can not open it !

  • Swarup

I using this model Nokia 6630 since 6 years.So far i use, it looks very fine model

  • AnonD-410805

AnonD-210607, 17 Jun 2015it's still running after 10 years of falls throws and a 5 y... moretrue