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Nokia 6630

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  • siril

this is the most stupid phone that i have ever used ... it always hangs ... and i have to remove the battery in order to set it back .... This is too horrible ... and the nokia service is the most horrible ... Those geeks want it for 2 days under observation ... what the hell r they going to observe .... If anyones planing to buy this set please do reconsider ur decision .... I feel sony ericksson is much better ... to this stupid phone ...

  • Rahul

how can i change the logo of my cell.
i've downloaded a few but every time i save them to be displayed instead of my operator logo it asks
"Delete all operator logos?"
now if i press Yes or No nothing happens.
the operator logo remains same.

  • Vikram

Its gr8 phone i lov it. The only problem is it does not open 3d java games, i hav installed Robot allien n other gr8 games but it doesnt run. Is ther any soft ware to run such file then plz plz mail me on n also when i open files via netfront v3.3 it shows invalid dns setting, plz help me... If possible then also tell me links 4 internet radio n latest free softwares in india. Thanks dear....

  • arjay13

to maderfaker:

6630 and 6680 is almost the same. both got the same cpu speed. the only difference is the design and the screen. 6680's screen is better and making it a little bit slower than 6630. and 6680 supports video calls. on 6630, you still got to buy its secondary camera.
if you like 3250 because of music, rather choose 6630 or 6680 because its music quality is the same, its the earphones that makes the difference. what i did is cut my earphones, i've soldered a female 3.5mm jack so that i can use other earphones.
my friends told me that 3250 is slow.
i hope this helps

  • evildawn

this smartphone is gonna rate this phone 9 of 10..

  • tyranosaurusReX

guys...i have a great expierience with my 6630....a fast switch camera...ive enjoy playing n-gage games...watching browsing with my opera..listing to my favorite mp3 songs in stereo..i have no problem with my 1GB MMC..a little bit slow....but perfectly working..i have a very very small problem,i cant send mms to my friends..

  • farzad

Hi guys .. I bought Motorolla V3X about 2 months ago... but after 1 months I felt terrible about that.. I have found that is`nt a good phone at all bcs u can`t install some software that included java... it`s run jar file in a bad situation and I used to use just specific software .. so I decided to change it with second hand 6630... now I`m very satisfied bcs I can install jar and also sis files and have a wonderful fun.. I have many software that they `re cracked ... and if you want any software plz tell me that if I had I will send to ur mail..

  • Melo

Message for Ryce - Yes you can set different ring tones for this phone. Just go to contacts and click the person's name and then scroll down and then you'll see the option to change the ringtone. If it does not work make a group list and there you could select a ringtone too. Hope this helps!

  • Melo

syed atta ur rehman - About your question. I have sold thousands of nokia 6630 in ebay and I personally own one. The speakers are great! there like a mini tweeters for your car. The radio software I havent found one yet for this phone. Hope this helps

  • syed atta ur rehman

can we install the radio software in 6630.
and i want to ask what is the sound in its hands free plz tell me urgent

  • anurag

hey m using n6630 since 6months now . i want a radio software for this cell phone . can any one help please? my email id is

  • Ryce

Need help here, can we set different ring tones for different callers in this phone and how?

  • Pasa

I recently bought a 6630 with additional Route 66 SAT NAV software word ...fantastic...the phone alone is one of the best I've owned but with the SAT NAV its amazing...used it on a 180 mile car journey and it got me to the door 'bang on time' Well impressed....a big thumbs up on this one.

  • Mrigank Pawar

i owned dis fone previously.bought 3250 on d 21st of sept.i tell u,6630 is d fastest symbian fone EVER!guys,d effect via d headset is so amazing.i'm not at all satisified wit d effect of 3250 via earfones.only d speaker is good. ppl who own it,plz don sell 6630.d best fone!

  • karthik(!!_!!)

Wow ppl. Do u want to make ur nokia 6630 to sound like sony ecrison walkman phone.
Here goes the way ,
Dont use the nokia headsfree wht they come with the package. Buy Nokia Audio Adapter AD-46/49 and use a nice 3.5mm earphone.
After that...just see how ur 6630 sounds.WOWWW!!!!.. Simply amazing.
I bought these enhancement in for rs.600 (including 3.5mm nokia handsfree HS-20). Now i am enjoying the music.

Now i will kick sony's WXXX series phones not of the window.

Nokia 6630 rocks.

  • Lijo Joy

its a cool handset of Nokia. I am happy with this bcoz of its picture clarity and rocking headphone effect. I had taken the printouts of pictures which i had taken its was really good,
I am using 512 MMC. Sometimes its slow eventhough i am really happy 2 use this phone having a good additional features like 3g . . Only remark is that its not having infrared facility 2 connect other ir phones

  • Doggy

Dis is d best phone i have ever used. You can do all sorts of stuff with it. D only thing missing in dis phone is d front camara and radio well if these two were there it would have been d best phone ever.

  • indian

got yesterday, good phone. sound / speed is much better than 3230 and 6600. presently using with 512MB MMC, there is no slowing down. for smartmovie i used 128kbps video/ 32kbps audio - it plays with great clarity.

  • jul

nice phone i am compused with my phone it always off in the night when i dont use it i think my batrey is broken but no i have canged the batrey but same can any body help me why

  • arjay13

1gb is fine. maybe a liltle bit slow if your using auto protect from virus all the time.
And choose DV RS-MMC. Some MMC doesnt specify that its dual voltage. to check if it is DV, it must indicate that it operates on two voltage, 1.8W and 3W.

fonts can be change, visit for more info.

And, k750's joystick is the first one to go crazy, if your not careful, it can malfunction within 3 months. 6630 rocks because it has lots of games.

Standard package or 6630 comes with a data cable, cd software, handset, battery, stereo headset, changer, manual and 64mb dv rs-mmc.