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Nokia 6630

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  • Anonymous

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  • ANDY

y say n6630 is 3g phone?

  • Anonymous

nokia 6630 is a great phone
just make sure that it's made in 2005
erlier versions have a feller like selfreset

  • Hari

Hii Victor..
Alpha mode option was Unavailable..
(Only number mode was available(even when i trid renaming a file or a contact)

  • ₪Jatinderô

u can play 3gpp video in real one player in 6630 but have to convert mpeg2 content in 3gpp format

  • praveen

it is nice with great features like 1.3 mp cam,superb mp3 player but by putting viking mp3 3.40 u make it better like an apple i pod.after putting this mp3 player u cant belive ur ears belive me frnd go for it and pls than give me ur opinion.and it except almost every software.hello mr jatinder i am also from india can you say from where i get 3.5mm jack for nokia 6630.pls does it available in india and wat cost.

  • Anonymous

This is Alex, bot my 6630 las mnth, trnd out 2 b a nice fone, trendy & full of features, can get a full vliu of ur money.
Dos who dont like 6630, dont lik 6630, better go & get another1, & shud b ashamed of condemning such a gud fone

  • Victor_ro_bg_en

@Hari. Did you try to switch in ALPHA MODE by pressing the pen button?

  • ₪Jatinderô

nokia 6630 supports 3gpp video streaming in real player if u want to play ur videos in the phone u have to convert them into 3gpp format
if anyone needs 3gpp video converter then mail me

  • Hari

Hello guys..
I faced a problem with my N6630(which is a year old now)today..
After i installed a few applications,i noticed that i couldnt type alphabets(like in text messaging,renaming a file etc..)Only number mode was available..
It persisted even after uninstalling all d applications and formatting my memory card..
I solved it by formatting the phone with *#7370#..
Guys, beware of these sort of dangerous applications

  • cs

can someone tell how i can play MPEG-4 movies on my nokia 6630 since many websites say it supports MPEG-4, i tried using an MP4 converter converting an MPEG1 or VCD movie to MPEG-4 format but it failed to play anything on screen beside the 'hiss' sound, but it played perfectly on my other phone..SE K750i, please HELP!!

  • ₪Jatinderô

prices of KINGSTON dv mmc cards in US$
1GB MMC Dual Voltage 1.8V/3.3V -74
512MB MMC Dual Voltage 1.8V/3.3V-40
256MB MMC Dual Voltage 1.8V/3.3V-24

  • edward

please don't come here whinning and telling people how bad this phone is without making reasons.... 6630 doesn't support active desktop display due to the UI version different. This phone is solid and realiable and it's a smartphone without touchscreen. If u really fancy about more hign-end gadgets and price factor is not a problem then N-series or P990i will be your choice. 6630,6680,6670,7610 this all consider mid level phone which is more than enough to satisfy your daily use. come on if consider price-feature relation, this will definately be under consideration

  • Nitin

can any one tell me how to uinstall any application in 6630..

  • Johann

Can anyone tell me if the 6630 supports ACTIVE TODAY / DESKTOP please? Thanks

  • moh

i luv this fone. but its bluetooth data transfer is very slow with 6600 and 7610 fones. may be its bluetooth is v1.2 and 6600 is v1.1. may be i'm correct..anyways it's a best fone. bye

  • ₪Jatinder

@victor:i think that ur knowledge about flash memory cards is not enough man there is nothing
ready to go in flash memory in 512 mb mmc u get
480 mb beacuse there are embedded applications
in the mmc that u cant access. the larger the mmc the larger the embedded applications on it like on 1 gb u get 980 mb of space means 44mb
for embedded software on it when the phone access ur files on the card first it have to read that embedded files then ur stored files thats why 1 gb creates problem for 6630 if u access files without waiting or in hurry it will hang and try to fill ur card to 977mb then u see .

  • edward

i'm a proud user of 6630,it is a very powerful and stable monster. never hang before despite using 512mb card. well it got a bit slow when accessing the proto manager since i got over 100 of pic stored in my card. But i rarely use it as mp3 due to a little of inconvinience of the pop-port. I sync my phone with my laptop using bluetooth, quite fast and easy. everything is way too cool. Till now i don't want to replace my phone with other new models in the market. i tot of upgrade my phone to N70 but after comparing for almost a week, i keep back my 6630. it performs much faster than 7610/6670 more stable than 6680. although lack of flash but i still like the camera. I really don;t know want to upgrade to what model. consider N90 but imagine bringing a brick around, K750 but i'm bond dead with symbian, P990i the price is the killer blow.. in the end i still love my 6630, ^^

  • Victor_ro_bg_en

@₪Jatinder. You can't compare the RS-MMC with a HDD, Operating system(usualy Windows) needs to creat swap file and other temporary files wich leads to defragmentation. On MMC you usualy just ready the files. Ofcourse, I am just making a logical deduction here, until I'll try to put a 1GB MMC to my 6630 :)

To the user with log problems: I have the same problem, when I have a missed call it doesn't get into LOG; probably a software bug, mine is v 3.45.113 from 04-01-005

  • ak

i have this fone its great all around nice phone everything is perfect but when i take pic it is pixeleted but when i see it in gellry its perfect anyone tell me that wht is da benifets for upgrating firmware and how?