Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • krysta

is there any openline software with this fon?

  • Victor_en_ro_bg_ru

I have the phone, great features, very satisfied but can't find an working version of BlackList, any help please!

  • doc.kaushik

i purchased this phone a week back after my moto c650 was stolen :(( just needed two ask two things, 1) is there a vibra phone, and how to activate it 2) whats the EDGE class of this phone and data transfer rate in kbps. i am really happy with the features and performance, internet connection thru pc is awsome.

  • N6630^da best

This is the greatest nokia i ever had. it is already 7months that im with it ad i dont regret a penny for it. its so cool :D i have the adapter so i can connect it with the room hifi and it sounds magnificent :D \m/ great job nokia :D

  • N6630^lover

This mobile is one of the best nokia ever produced... to try it play 'asphalt urban gt 2' the (9mbs version) 3D! its sooo coolll n btw this mobile accept even a 1Gb memorycard! i have over 150 songs on it! i love this mobile :D

  • cecil

how much memory does the N6630 can handle? because i have N6600 and since i want to extend its memory i bought a higher MMC, but it sometimes shut off and when i check in NOKIA CARE this said, maybe a MEMORY COLLAPSE happened to my fon. for that, i dont want to make a mistake on this fon N66630.....

hope i can here an advice from you or r u using a higher MMC to this fon and how big it's capacity...


Nokia 6630 is a magic phone , am tellin this cuz i've tried both N6680 , N6681 n if i got 2 b frank withju guys nokia 6630 is the best !!! if i got to advise nebody :just go for N6630 u wont regret it !!! best processor , best camera with both EDGE n 3G... if there 1 word dat cud decribe da fone ,i'd say simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!

  • Mehul

N6630 is more convinent than 6680 & 6681. I love to use N6630. It like fantasy to use this device. Shape and Look is like a fairy and touches the heart at one look. Guys I need some free sports games which can be used with N6630 if any one can help me out for free games and softwares.

  • ali

is the nokia 6630 have camera night mode ?
and what time record video ?

  • Ashley Armitt

After Owning a 6670 for 1 year, I recently damaged it and had to get a new phone, after playing around with a 6630 in the office it became clear that the 6630 if one excellent phone!!! Yes, it is a little big. Yes the camera could be a 2MP one, 1.3 is still acceptable and serves me well. There isn't a radio, but with 3G, Hot swapable DV RS MMC, Light Sensor for Battery Saving, Fade Out, Super fast CPU (on steroids). Excellent Keypad (10/10). Build quality is awesome!!!. The Usual Nokia Voice Call quality is superb (not like poor Sony Ericsson Call quality - when are they going to realise ??? ). Suggestion to Nokia. Bundle this Phone with the HS-2r (FM Radio) headset and a 1 gig Memory card and you have a Killer Phone!!!! The price of this Puppy is excellent to !!! I have played with the N70, for price and build quality the N70 doesnt live up to expectations this phone is well made. Size will be the only concern to anyone looking at purchasing it. 9.5/10 overall, well done Nokia! Did someone mention Blackberry ????

  • shabbar

parthasarathy nokia 6630 is nokia 6600 on steroids, very fast proccesor 220 mghz versus 6600 108 mghz , megapixel,edge,3G if you ask me honestly its even better than an 6681 . and yes it very dependable

  • parthasarathy

hi guyz,im little concerned abt buyin N6630.d reason s v al know dat N6600 s a hit in d market & i heard frm nokia service center dat it s most reliable phone dat nokia has ever question s, s N6630 a reliable one rite now in d market.i do dat its features r rockin lik anythin but wat abt its u face any kind of problems in it.i wud b so gr8 2 u ppl if u can answer my ques....

  • stav

hey dis cell is too gud rocks as u say....
plz guys ...i m new to dis cell...plz can u send mi the sites wich gives registerd softwares for will be a great help 4m u guys....waitin 4ur reply....tanx n keep the group of 6630 growing......

mail,,,,or the 1 above at

  • Anonymous

i would get the 6630 because its usually cheaper and the design is cool. it also has better features.

  • ali

hello, it is possible to make video call using this phone? thanks

  • Anonymous

it is a good fon

  • GMV

Between 6630 and 6681 which one is good. If I want to browse is the internal memory is really a mater? both has only 8 and 10MB. 6630 has both EDGE and 3G and 6681 has only EDGE. I am confused. Pl. advise which one to go.

  • naveen rawat

hi real magic penguin,
how r u man???
no replies from your side. take care n keep on rockin.....god bless.

hi mrigunkp,
thanks alot for your support. keep on rockin like this n god bless!!!!!!!

guyz is the fm through gprs is free or i have to give some bucks for that.please help!!!!!
n6630 hip hip hurray.

  • naveen rawat

hiiii & welcome to nokia6630's world. this phone is rocking's a cool phone and the support here within is the best as compare to any other phone group.everybody is so helpful specially the real magic penguin ,vinod menon and mrigunkp. this phone is very nice in it's features. camera quality is so wonderful sometimes my frens don't believe that i took the snap frm my nokia6630.the sound quality is good but not upto the mark. if you install a good mp3player then you will surely get nice output in terms of sound. i love my little smart phone n advice you as well to buy this. take care n n6630 rulz. if you need any further assistance you could again login. god bless everone!!!!!!!!!


hello guys i want to buy NOKIA 6630 advise me how iS iT?and how is its camera results and speaker?your friend.