Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • Anonymous

this fone is a nokia 3650 redone......atleast nokia shld have used an original design.....i can design a better phone than those nokia designers.....otherwise features seems to be good.

  • Anonymous

atlast nokia beat the motorola c975. this phone is really impressive.

  • Usman

best fone yea. well done nokia. i really like this fone. no comparative...

  • Danu

I seek in many places but there doesn't seem to exist a Motorola called C975.

BTW, 6630 is the first smartphone to use Symbian OS 8.0.

  • Anonymous

there's a big difference? i look at innostream 90 which has 262k colour, and look at the 6600's colour screen, seriously i don't see any difference

  • jj

262K LCD is very much different from 65K LCD. I've seen the LCD of my cousin's M720. When looking at photos, it's a day and night differece from 6600's LCD or any samsung's LCD. Any wat do u guys means by eat battery??

  • Anonymous

The design is so smart, well done nokia!

  • Anonymous

No. Moto C975 is the smallest 3G phone. Checkout!

  • Anonymous

the design is ergonomically great...basically its just the perfect phone

  • Anonymous

nokia battery is very low !! nokia don't have 256k color screen is very cheap !!

  • wil

a great phone with all the packed features..besides the design, everything else is just so fine...great phone

  • Anonymous

65k colour screen makes not much of a difference from 262k, 262k eats battery..andrew please don't make stupid comments

  • Anonymous

not a good phone for youngsters to carry these..

more for those business people ...

lighter than 6260 by 3g!
Looks FAT

  • Anonymous

smallest 3G phone

  • AnonymousCoward

remade over and over...just sad!

  • Andrew

Why have a one mega pixel camera phone with 65k colour screen. Please explain. Pull your act together nokia, your phones are overpriced and under featured, If you want to regain marketshare come up with original ideas and make the phones of higher quality.

  • mystic

i am just out of words, it's perfect

  • Kev

Good for 3G phone but I highly doubt it'll beat Motorola

  • sam

1 mm fatter than 6600, this time at the bottom..isn't a joystick more comfortable?Shouldn't the screen be more than 65k? Keep the progress!

  • Ali

Faaaaat Fat Fat