Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • Rasay

i have using 6630,
its very nice and useful to me.
i ve using 3 year .
its best mobile ,

  • Aryan

The best mobile Nokia could ever create.No probs at all since last 6 years.i would recommnd this to any buyer.

  • Anuj

very good mobile

  • Anonymous

i hv been using nokia 6630 since last 5yrs atleast and i didnt face ne prob so far,nor even i expended even a single penny therafter.
according 2 me its simply THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unix

I am using 6630 in 5yrs vary good phone good internet speed+full software suport.My h6630 like a mini laptop

  • Chuck B

This is the phone Com. Jim Gordon uses in The Dark Knight. That should speak to its perfection.

  • Anonymous

its the best phone ever!
literally! :D

  • Rasel

legend of nokia... and the best phone i ever had... love u my nokia 6630...

  • jj

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2009Hie guys can some one please help. My 6630 in displaying headse... moreupdate the firmware from nokia website..problem will be solved

  • Paladintz

I like this phone,,but, what new feature in new firmware v.6.03,,,
i want know a new application in new firmware,,,
thankz for all,

  • SANU

rose ann, 25 Jan 2010I have a problem with this phone,when I'm done charging my phone... morethe same thing happening in my case

  • Kiran

Great great phone.....
bought as a backup phone but, now its my main one...
Slipped many times but still its working without any cry...

  • munir

simply the strongest and the best phone I ever 6630 is still surviving after those thousands of slips from my hand :D

  • aie

been with this phone since 2004 ( 2nd year college )..up to now im still using it..i really just cant let go of it,,and if my brother would borrow one of my phones, i would let him use my iphone but not my 6630..i guess im just so afraid that it might get lost..and actually my 1 yr old daughter is using it for taking her own pictures..

***did i mention that i haven't reformatted my phone yet since i bought it? oooopssyyy

  • Gourisankar

I have used many phone of nokia .This is really a good model .I suggest nokia because if you go for a sonyericsson,samsung or motorola the service will not be that wide.The number of service centers for nokia in more compared to other .Also Parts for the other phone is not easy to get .

  • Anonymous

Best phone I had ever used
great asset
I love it, hard to discard
Thanks to Nokia

  • Arun Manohar

I've been using this phone since 2006.It's d best phone i've ever used.Very Easy to message.To format press "*+3+call" and restart ur phone.Itz done

  • artonrton

its a god mobile i can hear music and its the best phone

  • Anonymous

GUYZZ!!!... its time for an upgrade.... (NO NOKIAS)

  • concered citizen

hi code issues? buzzer malfunctioning? hanging? phone memory occupied even when you don't have apps? you want to make the fonts bigger? restarting?

one cheap solution...get a firmware upgrade. i did. my phone is working a-ok! mine now is v.6.03

check your version by pushing *#0000#

I hope this post helps.

PEACE. :-)