Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • ProTik

My 6630 was originally bought with TIM's connection. After about a year of use, it was brought to Bangladesh and was unlocked. After unlocking, I tried to update my firmware but it says that the firmware's up to date. My firmware version is 5.03.08, but according to many user opinions the latest version is 6.xx.xx.

Is the firmware updates different in unlocked and carrier-dependent handsets?

Thanks in advance.


  • Rokas

The best phone. But i'm not happy about my battery lifetime...

  • m.umar

simply the best phone one has ever used.

  • kayrahim

dis is the best phone i ever had.
nice design as well as performance.
u dont regret if buy dis one. Evolution for smart phone =)

  • renny

My phone feel from my hand....the display i shaking and lines come up on screen...please suggest wht can I do???

  • mj

from where can i have an antivirus for this phone????
answer me

  • cr

some of the video were taken using eti camcorder and it beats the k800 and w810 in video recording!!!

  • cr

6630's video capability is quite good for a 176x144!!!

it beats 6131 and 5300!!! and it's quite close to k750's 176 x144 video even though its alot older!!! hehehe

pls have a look at this!!!

  • Anonymous

best ever phone frm nokia...too good..can beat n73 in case of gprs..
very fast processor..multitasking

  • jam

this is'nt a mobile maan, this is an amazing thing.....

  • carloud

hehehe a smartphone really in eternal

I mean the only shortcoming of this phone in the world of applications is the internal memory

but because it is quite a powerful smartphone

it is able to handle applications that arent present even in the latest phones yet heheheheh

too great the 6630 is ^_^

  • jk

best Phone ever had...


i used this set for the last five years till it is working well and i like it too much.

  • carloud

ehehe sir pdti you must have a corrupted firmware try upgrading or bringing it to a nokia center not all 6630s are like that


  • ...............

not a gud mobile at all.restart after every 50 sec.plz do not try it.a non reliable mobile.dont waste ur money

  • Ritesh

i have this phone for last 2 problem till of teh best phone from NOkia...

  • atif

i like it vvvvery much i have n70 & 6630 but its better then n70 for beauti

  • Anonymous

this phone is amazing. go, try it. this phone is more faster compared to other nokia 60 series phones.

  • cliff

I have the mobile for 2 years and more. Never gave me any problem. The best mobile i ever had or any of my friends had.

  • Amoudy

Hey all! This phone is great n if u got it, then dnt think of changin to another phone. Am using this phone for one year now, and i really liked it. Bye all. God bless you.