Nokia 6680

Nokia 6680

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  • muff

hey people how much it the 6680 i wont 2 no because i really really wont it but hav to find out how much it is first can us plzz tell me plz thanx

  • Lil_Lanny

Yeah i have heard there have been a few probs with the 6680 so hopefully o2 delaying will prevent errors occuring. O2 did suggest to me to get the ericsson k75oi phone but i really wasn't interested as i like the look & specs of the 6680 :-) so i guess i will have to keep waiting for this amazing phone, hopefully its worth waiting for!

  • dragon

he lil_lanny, it could work out better that o2 release the phone later, because there wont be as many errors or problems like in the earlier releases on 3, oh and o2 do sell the k750 which was not only announced at the same time but cam out earlier on o2 than any other network, so if o2 can bring out the k750 earlier than any other network how come they are the last to release the 6680

  • slim

I recently purchased this phone but it only shows two languages.. Is there a way to add other languages? If so can someone explain how to do this.. thanks

  • Lil_Lanny

Yes i agree dragon. I've been waiting for this phone to come out on o2 for months and they keep delaying it -when are they going to realese it, i want it so much! :(

  • dragon

is it just me or do o2 in the uk seem to be incapable of releasing this phone, it was set to come out in April

  • dpnk

I bought my Nokia 6680 today... I live in the UK, and my phone is on the 3 network.

First impressions are that this is a clever phone, that has the ability to do a great deal. It feels kinda heavy, but erganomically it feels good to hold - especially the slide down rear camera cover. The reception I have received is pretty good; 3 hasn't got very reliable reception where I live: I used to have the Nokia 7600 which I found had diffuculty in picking up 3G reception - other people with the same phone, same network had similar problems. However with this phone, the reception is great.

Only a couple of problems - it reacts like a slightly sluggish PC (rather than a phone) when scrolling through the menus (probably as it has only got 10 MB of internal memory). The other thing is the menues are a lot different to other Nokias, which are taking a little longer to learn than I expected!

  • Clare

o2 are now saying will be out 15th june, keep messing me about telling me different dates, and i really want this phone

  • NOne

I think Sony Ericsson Z800 is better than this.It also has 3G.Nokia can't use ScreenSaver set as wallpaper but Sony Ericsson can.I think Nokia is not very gud 2 buy this cheap phone.

  • Avery Tieh

Good work Nokia company this is your first 3G phone, but i hope your company will cut down the unbelieve able price. Now i am a Alcatel fans. The first reason i become Alcatel fans is because it price is quite good second is quality is better than Nokia. Its phones are high technologi than Nokia, but i know Nokia phones are upgrade able. The only weak point of Nokia company is the price i hope you will cut down it.

  • C.V.

i wish to buy this phone! it's a very good phone, but for now is very, very expensive! i hope only for now!

  • blubb

there are already (here in germany) RS-DV-MMC with 512mb available :)

  • Loreto

There is a new Firmware version for the Nokia 6680..
There are lot improvements...

  • Kieran Reynolds

Hi I got this phone yesterday its realy difficult to understand at first with all the memory but i woke up today and the phone is a revolution. Nice one nokia you have brought a great 3g phone to the market.

5 stars go to nokia

  • zimmy

To Jenny,
The highest capacity for the RS-DV-MMC is 256MB so far.But rumours said that they will produce much higher capacity than 256MB!!! coming soon.For now we juz hav to use this.

  • Jenny

Hiya everyone out there!!!!! First i would just like to say that i will be receiving this phone shortlt and really cant wait! Secoundly can you change the facia on this phone without having to unscrew the whole phone as i did this with my old pnone and totally messed it up. And the other thing is how many mb can this phone go up to what is the biggest card that will fit into it??? I want to get the biggest as i want to be able to fit loads of stuff onto it!! Thanx and if anyone can answer then plz plz plz reply to me!!

  • lewis

well i havent got this phone yet can't wiat it looks worth the cost i love the look its no big and bulky like other 3G phones, this is defintly the phone for me !!!!!!!!1 should be getting it in a week or so due to limited stock dahm

  • venj

this phone is great but it's just only a clone from sony ericsson...i love it but it's still not coplete it's just a baby phone.

  • zimmy

i've been using this phone for 1 week,n yet no problem at all.its the best phone i have yet.actually, i want to wait for N90 but i heard this phone in Malaysia will be EXPENSIVE somewhere RM3500(RM1=3.8USD)!!!! Its better for me to buy a laptop with this kind of price,much worth it.
-its fast
-superb display
-exellent camera n video
-better mp3 sound so far
-long battery life
-rich of features
-small internal memory
-no FM radio which is very sad
-another different type of memory card to used call RS-DV-MMC,which is i hate it a lot coz i have to change MMC!!!
Finally,buy this phone if your country provide 3G service,Malaysia just lanched its 1st 3G recently.

  • oldpapa

does this phone have viberation??? mine doesnt viberate which sucks, is that for eveyone?