Nokia 6680

Nokia 6680

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  • Angel

Hi, I would like to know, the 6680, what what is the maximum size that I can use, in a memory card? Can it take 2 Gig, or maybe 4 Gig?
Thanx a mil.

  • Maris

Iv used 6630 before, sound quality is really great. i suggest you buy 6630. 6680 is a abit bulky than 6630, plus the key-pad design doesnt work well for me. it's my personal opinion.

  • eizay

its cool.. if u are confused of wat u should buy,, if 6630 or 6680,, i would suggest that u buy 6680..


hey guyzzz plz elp me.....i want to buy a phone....but i m very confused tht which phone should i buy...Nokia 6630 or 6680...Can anyone plz help me...and can anyone tell me about its sound.....Is its sound is beter than 6630..Plz help me....and also tell me about its zoom and camera result...plz tell me at my email addreass

  • Lox

Everything's cool only dat it lacks radio. Gr8 music qual, fast browsing, Opera does this best. Freezes rarely & al u need is mem xpansion.Lox

  • Suzi Q

Can anyone tell me if this ph is able to play radio? thank u kindly

  • yoshee hiko kimura

just got this new phone (may 16, 2007) i klike it a lot !!! and im planning to swap it to N70


just got this cool phone (may 16, 2007) love it!!

  • rjyll

i have this phone and i love it very much. but then it was stolen. can anyone help me, how to block the phone so whoever have it won't be able to use it?

  • panceet hubhub

been using this phone for almost two years, and i have no intentions of upgrading to the n series, since the functions are almost identical. this phone rocks!

  • cathy

Iíve been usin this phone fr almost rocks!!
But theríz a prob wth it..i was using a 512 memorycard n suddenly it said that it's corrupted, even after formatting it (However it works fine on my pc!). So Iíve put another mem card which worked well for some months, until now!! Itís tellin me again that it's corrupted :S I wonder why this prob repeats again with the new mem card??! I even tried formatting the phone memory by pressing *#7370* but the problem remains. Could this be a virus from any apps?? Or some other reasons?? Plz email me if u can help me:)

  • billgoldberg

i want to ask that its sound is greater then nokia 6300 or not and camera performance is better then sonyericsson k510i or not

  • Nolz

hey... I've been using this phone for 2 years and Ive upgraded it by using a 1 gigabyte memory card and its stil fine!! I love this phone!!

  • anica catada

its so good looking...actualy its my dream cell phone

  • Muhammad Toussef Bha

Hi,First time i see it. it is very nice & good looking set.i am bying this set at that time.My Name Is Muhammad Touseef Bhatti from Multan Pakistan.

  • Zu

Yes I think the good, i'll buy it

  • Sam

Nokia 6680 is a very good mini laptop. you can read Word, Excel, PDF note pad & Emails. Since I 've used this phone, I never ever met any problems, I suggest Nokia can upgrade and put more functions on this device, is 100% Excellent. If you have more problems send an email on

  • Gobble

it's a nice phone, but it crashes all the time, menus are so slooowwww, and its voice is not as loud as other brands, as sony ericsson ones, but it's OK, i can live with it.

  • omar

hi all the 6680 users.i am using this fone 4 abt 1 yr .it is the best fone i hav ever used
i dont find any problems in it .it is trillion times better than Nseries.only drawback no radio. if any1 has any probs with this phone,mial me(

  • Satya Murthy

Hi friends, 6680 is one of the best phone from Nokia. For music lovers, i will suggest to download the Power Mp3 player application from and in the folder audio, video . It has graphic equalizar with ten preset options such as Rock, soft, classic etc. Without this application you cant get the maximum from 6680. Through audio adoptar and 3.5mm jack headphones,will get ultimate