Nokia 6680

Nokia 6680

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  • butch

CHUCKY try to look ur log.when ur in log now,press option see d settings and log duration.choose 1day,10 or 30.

  • chucky

I have a problem...I cant sent any messages or view any missed, dialed or recieved numbers cos my fone memory is low...
How do i resolve this without having to clear out my inbox

  • butch

if u compare dis fon to k800i,d fe
atures of k800i is better dan 6680.but 4 me d only i dnt lyk 4 k800i is d joystick.fon has joystick is easily ruin.ive always encountered dat problem.

  • Anonymous

the phones great !! but could anyone tell me wether i could change the panel for this phone!!! plz do reply ppl...

  • psyph


your phone needs repairing... that's for sure...

i can use memory hog programs all 4 at the same time... when it cant take more programs it will say something like 'your phone doesn't have enough memory... or stuff like that...

for me this fone is the best among non n-series phones... !!!

  • 5p!Kj3

best phone ever! Except n70 beats him, the design of this phone is better.

  • joel

every time i played my mp3 track my phone shut down.?pls help me send the answer to my email add..thanks and more power

  • vinci24

This phone is great. I have been using it for qutie some time. How can change the phone's cover? please email me on how!!!thanks!!!


This phone is really amazing..But I am just wondering if how can I change the Screensaver???..I need some help guys..Looking forward for some responses thru my email..Thanks (",)


Hi 6680 users: please reply on this one... does your 6680 phone frequently hung up? mine hangs up when pressing too many keys or pressing too fast.. we all know that this phone has 200MHZ processor but it can't handle much when pressing or having more than 2 applications running at the same time. are you experiencing this? or my phone needs to be repaired? thanks ( email me

  • Anonymous

wow!! this fone is amazing... everyone should have this..!!

  • Dondon

hi, can anyone help me? heheh im wonderin how can i change my screensaver??? pls email me

  • vaggelis_3333

the best mobile

  • Anonymous

Hi, i have to say this phone is great.

There is just one litte disturbing thing, that big screen keeps someking buzzing sound. It's not loud, but it can be heard when you speak to phone. It stops when backlight goes off. Do you have this?

  • psyph

just got this fone last month... with 200+Mhz of processor it is faster than my pc... ^^ i might say all symbian phones still are the best phones in the world (even the release of iPhone).. funny thing for me is that I am still like symbian 60 version 6 not like 8 (the 6680)... so I still miss my 3650...

  • Fazi

its really a nice phone try it

  • IrwanCihuy

Only one word can i say to figure this Phone.... "WOW!!"

  • saef

6680! A cool phone. I have used a lot of cell phone including pda but 6680 is the greatest ever. I am using a black edition. It is simply amazing, its 1.3 megapixel has defeated 2 megapixel and mp3 quality, just rocking. Wanna multipurpose use?? No tension just get it one.

  • xander

this phone freezes on cold weather!

  • priyankara

I think 6680 is Look liek phone in world