Nokia 6681

Nokia 6681

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  • Anonymous

I see only Romanians on these forums. We like to look while others buy and enjoy :)

  • no $'s really expensive!

  • Anathaema

6680 has been released at 600 pounds ... hopefully this beauty will be around 400-450 $ in Romania, so I can get one *sigh*

  • nokia6681 user

Sorry, typo err
6680 and 6630 use dual voltage RS MMC card

  • nokia6681 user

1) no stereo sound
2) same speed as 6680 and 6681
3) 6680 performance is lower than 6630
4) 6681 and 6630 use dual voltage RS MMC card
5) 6680 is 262K color, 6630 is 65k color
6) 6681 is 2G

  • anuj

6680 costs 700$..the 6681 will probably be around 600$

  • Anathaema

700$ damn much
and I dun think it's released

if I make a love declaration, will it come freely to me ? :D

  • yee

it is released.. in a hungarian site you can by it for the price of: $700 is it worth it?

  • B_JooJee

How fast 6681 and 6680 cpu speed?
Are they faster than 6630?

  • manu

does it do stereo tones (stereo quality)?

  • Anathaema

"coming soon"

how soon is coming soon? tomorrow is the 1st of april ... relase it nokia! I want it for my own!

hopefully they won't do as they did with the 3230 ...

  • Anonymous

Does it have wap because at the nokia site they say it does but at gsmarena they dont mention it

  • msx

hey can anyone pls tell me the difference between mp3 and mp4? does the 6681 support mp4?

  • joris

Next year phones will be equiped with internal memory up to 3Gb. Normal if you look at mp3 players of the same size with 60GB internal memory. Basic mp3 players will face serious competition an mobile phone will become real multimedia devices.

  • Anathaema

I say it again ... best phone in both design and features
can't wait for it to be released
stocking up money :)

keep up the good work nokia

  • Gloomy

yes, color is more vivid and sharper, and no the video does not lag if done right, my 7610 never lagged and this one has faster everything it will be flawless

  • doraemon007

this phone looks realli good, but can someone tell me if the phone lags while playing videos? O, and is there realli that much of a difference in quality between playing videos on a 65k screen vs. a 265k screen?

  • s

Great phone. Does anybody could tell me, when does this phone available in Indonesia and how much does it cost?. Thank you very much.

  • Daniel

it has pop port, so you can use HS-2R headset to hear fm.

  • bro

is it also using dv( dual voltage) rs-mmc?
this one costs $ 60