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  • lichan
  • 6LT
  • 04 Jun 2024

The terminal for charging this Nokia is damaged, have you experienced it?
This Nokia smartphone is still working, the only problem is the energy connector.
What do you suggest? How could I share my data from this phone is the terminal USB is damaged? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    • Anonymous
    • XES
    • 12 Apr 2024

    I really like the phone it's great but It has this problem of low connectivity it doesn't connect to wifi without me getting really close to the wifi it doesn't connect to Bluetooth devices when I'm about 1 meter away please tell me how to fix this it's giving me a hard time and making me hate nokia

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      • Anonymous
      • uub
      • 30 Mar 2024

      My nokia 6.1 is better than tecno pova 6bpro

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        • Ms waldorf
        • FmB
        • 11 Mar 2024

        Ambuj, 16 Feb 2024I purchased it in June 2018 still working just battery issu... moreBought this phone in 2019, it's a masterpiece great battery does what I need, how ever its been 5 years so it's giving battery problems 🙈 now, and I can only use it when it's plugged to electricity otherwise it shuts down, neither am I angry I understand that it done it's time but it's been very reliable over the years.

          Ambuj, 16 Feb 2024I purchased it in June 2018 still working just battery issu... moreThis phone is an epic masterpiece of design & craft not to mention the built quality to even face nuke attack. Same goes for my Nokia 7 Plus. These two are perhaps the best phones HMD ever made under Nokia banner.

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            • Ambuj
            • Dk6
            • 16 Feb 2024

            I purchased it in June 2018 still working just battery issue, i purchased it for two years but it lasted years after year

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              • UNknown
              • G2L
              • 13 Feb 2024

              nick, 18 Nov 2022my nokia 6.1 keep restarting when unplugged but when it is ... moreJUst replace your phones battery

                berbs9, 05 Nov 2023Used it for over 5 years - it's been very solid, survi... moreBack in 2017, when HMD first entered the smartphone market with Nokia brand it presented Nokia 6 to the world. Everything was just next level on this phone except of the SoC. It used a subpar Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 built on old 28nm fabrication process. A very old and budget SoC released on 2015 which made the otherwise astounding Nokia 6 very slow to operate and degrading user experience.

                Nokia clearly learned their mistake and next year in 2018, launched Nokia 6.1. Same phone just slightly redesigned but this time 60% performance boost over its predecessor courtesy the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 from 2017. This SoC was built on 14nm node, hence much power efficient.

                Time passes by and now it is 2023, 5 years have passed by but still my Nokia 6.1 stood the test of time. Awesome device, one of its kind and perhaps the best Nokia from their 6 series lineup.

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                  • berbs9
                  • qDY
                  • 05 Nov 2023

                  Used it for over 5 years - it's been very solid, survived a lot of falls, and generally worked well. Not too bulky. Only needed a battery change after 4 years, everything else remained good. Last 6 months it's become very slow and unresponsive, but ok, it gave 5 years of solid service.
                  Sadly it seems Nokia/HMD no longer make phones of this level...

                    Priya, 14 Oct 2023Using for 5 years, Posted this review using the same phone,... moreUnfortunately phones of 6.1 calibre will never be produced by Nokia. The Nokia 6 and its successor 6.1 were the building blocks on which HMD made the entry with a bang few years back.

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                      • Priya
                      • 7kL
                      • 14 Oct 2023

                      Using for 5 years, Posted this review using the same phone, can v have this manufacturered again, great phone

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                        • Kaspars
                        • n2T
                        • 09 Oct 2023

                        I bought it just after it came out and I'm still using it today ! Unfortunately, 5 years of daily use makes felt and the RAM is enough not anymore and the battery starts to go on strike. Otherwise - all my respect to this phone ! Metal frame, 3,5 mm jack and all what need.

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                          • Johnny
                          • gPk
                          • 08 Oct 2023

                          Bought it around 2018. Family would gift me new phones such as the iphone and galaxy flagship of that year. Each one broke after a year or two of usage due to the semi-extreme environments I put myself into. I go hunting, diving, hiking, and shooting etc... after each phone broke, i would go back to my trusty nokia 6.1. In the coming future i will not be able to go back to it as the current cell towers are updating and it is now unable to connect to them. If nokia were to make this phone again and compatible with current tech, i would buy it in a heartbeat.

                            Ad Noctum, 18 Sep 2023Buy this phone early in 2019. Within bumper and glass prote... moreHMD Global from its onset had an ambition to set new standards in phone design, material quality and manufacturing innovation by building on the hallmarks of a true Nokia phone experience. Their dream unfortunately did not last long and were mostly confined between 2017 & 2018. The reason was mainly due to very aggressive pricing of Chinese manufacturers by using cheap construction materials and techniques. On it's first year their lineup (Nokia 6) had the quality but lacked in performance. They rectified this alarming issue with Nokia 6.1 with 60% more performance with Snapdragon 630 SoC and 4GB RAM.

                            To Nokia 6.1 is a masterpiece in terms of design & craftsmanship. Nokia 6.1 belongs to what Nokia calls "material first led design". A pure Nokia under HMD banner. Alas current Nokia's are nowhere near them in terms of construction quality. For instance, Nokia 6.1's body is carved out for a single block of 6000 series aluminum. It takes an hour to mill out the whole body from the aluminum block. There is no stamped metal parts for decoration here. In the next 10 hours of manufacturing process it goes through a unique two tone anodization process. First the phone is dipped in an anodization pool where bare aluminium body & the physical buttons receives the desired color (blue in my case). Then a cutter is used to shave the blue anodized aluminium body on both side edges, creating this unique diamond cut edges. Same for the buttons. A second layer of anodization is then applied on the edges & buttons to have the desired edge colors (gold color in my case). Thus the two tone Blue/Gold anodization process gets completed. The phone body is then polished for no less than 5 times for roughly 2 hours to provide this incredible satin like look and in-hand feel. Entire manufacturing process takes over 13 hours to complete. Phew!

                            Finally a die cast metal mid-frame is screwed internally to the metal body which reinforces the core of the Nokia 6.1. No less than 19 screws locks the internal metal plate to its body which gives Nokia 6.1 it ultimate structural integrity & durability. This is an approach to engineering that is build to last. A Scandinavian design focusing on quality, design & craftsmanship with an incredible attention to detail. The display is great for its price, battery backup in enough to take you through a day. Comes bundled with 18 watts fast charger too. And that premium look kills anything in its price bracket.

                            No wonder it won prestigious smartphone design awards from Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture & Design (2018) and also was one of the most durable phone of of 2018, awarded by JerryRigsEverything in YouTube. It is pity smartphones of this design caliber & internal strength are not produced anymore. Not even by Nokia.

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                              • Ad Noctum
                              • Sr%
                              • 18 Sep 2023

                              Buy this phone early in 2019. Within bumper and glass protection followed me through snow, mist and rain while nordic skiing, MTBiking, running, hiking, inline speedskating. RIP 18.09.2023. :(

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                                • Sub2olszymansk on yt
                                • 8qJ
                                • 06 Aug 2023

                                this phone is built like a tank, pretty much indestructible, the screen broke after 5 years

                                  Someone got official support for Pixel Experience, means this phone would last for years

                                    Mangizmo, 05 May 2023My wife is very fond of the Nokia brand and she now has a N... moreSure, Nokia 6.1 is still a worthy buy in 2023. It has NFC, Zeiss optics, award winning design and built like a tank from a solid block of aluminium.

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                                      • Renzo
                                      • mFd
                                      • 05 May 2023

                                      Great phone, beautiful! And the 4k amazing!!!!!

                                        My wife is very fond of the Nokia brand and she now has a Nokia 8.3 (with a windows launcher which is great) but its way too big, she wants a Nokia with a screen this size, this phone looks perfect and can be bought used very inexpensively, I am thinking of buying her one as she only does basic tasks, is it OK to use in 2023 ? she needs NFC which this has I think ?