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  • Anonymous

As much as it had a very impressive tank-like build, unfortunately it will have internal shenanigans/battery issues that shall surface more or less around its 2nd year, beware.

  • DirtyDeedz

One of the better budget phones of 2018. Earpiece volume has become so low I have to use earbuds or speaker. Tried every software solution to no avail. Nokia support tried to help but still no dice. Thinking of replacing the physical earpiece inside, but now I think I will just buy a new phone instead. Buyer beware.

The aliminium case design is awesome though, I'll give Nokia that. Shame about the earpice.

  • Nokia Customer

I have a Nokia 6.1 since 2018, since the last update the phone feezes for a short while which started about two weekes ago within the last 3 days I have factory and hard reset the phone, the phone worked well for a few hours, after that, the phone has been frozen for over 24 hours, I am unable to unlock my phone or gain access to the phone main operation such as the main apps, I would like Nokia to fix this ongoing problem which their faithful Nokia Customers are experiencing, such like myself who has been using Nokia since 1998

  • Tony

I have been using my 6.1 for like 8 months now and I noticed that it takes 4 sec before the phone speaker start talking( if am playing music as soon as I pause it and lock the screen it takes the phone 4 sec to start sounding when I press play). I have done factory rest more than once with no positive change. I don't know what to do anymore. Any advice?(I have updated it to android 10 but that a long time ago before the problem started)

  • enon

Mayank, 14 Oct 2020This is an exceptional Phone with exceptional durability bu... moreYou mean the rear camera right?

  • Carol

Mayank, 14 Oct 2020This is an exceptional Phone with exceptional durability bu... moreWell that settles is. You have no idea how light works. The idea is to light the object in front of the camera and not the camera. If the camera receives light you will see really bad pictures. So nope, the problem with further objects is not because of what you claim but it happens because of the led flash that is too weak, that is why pureview series allways had Real flash...xeon flash. Excluding nokia 9 that has a bigger led flash but nowhere near xeon flash quality.

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 20 Sep 2020I am inline with your views. Last year I got a spanking new... moreSame here bro.

  • Mayank

This is an exceptional Phone with exceptional durability but the problem is with camera and its flash. Flash is so far that camera lies in one country and flash in another.. Really if flash would have been near to the camera it would have performed better at capturing night shots.

  • Anonymous

I've now owned it for 2 years. Those who are blabbering of how great this phone is, well it's in the grey zone. A mediocre processor shows it's colour as it ages and there are no surprises here. My phone is currently running on the latest Android 10 and with updates, it has gotten worse, there are visible lags at moment, the phone freezes more than often now and sometimes it's painful to use. The camera is straight trash, it wasn't good when it was new and after 2 years it's better not to put our head around. The commendable thing about this phone is it's build quality. It's a metal slab and you throw it at someone, you sure are gonna injure the person. Those who compromise for a mediocre SoC, the effects are more noticeable in the long term, and these phone aren't long runners. Yes, you can drag and make them to work. Finishing off with the battery, it's a major concern now, I barely go through half a day. A power bank is a must if you're on long commute and you wanna use it to watch content.

Arol, 18 Sep 2020One can say exactly the same about you. As for gaming, buy ... moreI am inline with your views. Last year I got a spanking new Nokia 6.1 at just $100 from an online store. Beautiful looking Blue/Gold variant with 4 GB RAM and 64 gigs on internal storage with built quality reminiscent of high end devices. I don't understand why people starts comparing this $100 Nokia 6.1 to perform like a $700 device. I am having it for a year now and it performs daily activities like a charm with no hiccups. Good one day battery life, fast charging, Android 10, great display.

  • Arol

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020Finally an honest comment. Completely agree with your revie... moreOne can say exactly the same about you. As for gaming, buy better hardware for that, not everbody wants time on phone gaming. It is called, get a life.

  • Anonymous

Adi, 06 Aug 2020It's my message to Nokia company that's this phon... moreFinally an honest comment. Completely agree with your review. Seems like majority of good reviewers here are paid or spammers from Nokia itself

  • Satish

Hassam, 09 Sep 2020Using for more than 2 years and now facing battery issues Ya my 6.1 ...tooo after two years I'm facing several problems

Real person, 08 Sep 2020I have been reading a couple of hundred of the latest comme... moreHMD Global from its onset had an ambition to set new standards in phone design, material quality and manufacturing innovation by building on the hallmarks of a true Nokia phone experience. Their dream unfortunately did not last long and were mostly confined between 2017 & 2018. The reason was mainly due to very aggressive pricing of Chinese manufacturers by using cheap construction materials and techniques. On it's first year their lineup (Nokia 6) had the quality but lacked in performance except for the flagship Nokia 8. In 2018, they rectified this performance issue for mid to higher end models and three models stood out. Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1.

Nokia 6.1 is a masterpiece in terms of design & craftsmanship. Nokia 6.1 belongs to what Nokia calls "material first led design". A pure Nokia under HMD banner. Alas current Nokia's are nowhere near them in terms of construction quality. For instance, Nokia 6.1's body is carved out for a single block of 6000 series aluminum to start with. It takes an hour to mill out the whole body from the aluminum block. There is no stamped metal parts for decoration here. In the next 10 hours of manufacturing process it goes through a unique two tone anodization process. First the phone is dipped in an anodization pool where bare aluminium body & the physical buttons receives the desired color (blue in my case). Then a cutter is used to shave the blue anodized aluminium body on both side edges, creating this unique diamond cut edges. Same for the buttons. A second layer of anodization is then applied on the edges & buttons to have the desired edge colors (gold color in my case). Thus the two tone Blue/Gold anodization process gets completed. The phone body then gets polished for no less than 5 times for roughly 2 hours to provide this incredible satin like look and in-hand feel. Entire manufacturing process takes over 13 hours to complete.

Finally a die cast metal mid-frame is screwed internally to the metal body which reinforces the core of the Nokia 6.1. No less than 19 screws locks the internal metal plate to its body which gives Nokia 6.1 it ultimate structural integrity & durability. This is an approach to engineering that is build to last. A Scandinavian design focusing on quality, design & craftsmanship with an incredible attention to detail. After all great engineering deserves bold designs just like Nokia 6.1. I have not even started talking about its hardware specification. Let's just say my 4 GB RAM model with 64 GB internal storage and expandable memory option is more than enough for decent performance. The display is great for its price, battery backup in enough to take you through a day. Comes bundled with 18 watts fast charger too. And that premium look kills anything in its price bracket.

No wonder it won prestigious smartphone design awards from Chicago Athenaeum: Musuem of Architecture & Design (2018) and also was one of the most durable phone of of 2018, awarded by JerryRigsEverything in YouTube. It is pity smartphones of this design caliber & internal strength are not produced anymore. Not even by Nokia.

  • Hassam

Using for more than 2 years and now facing battery issues

  • Anonymous

Prodromos, 25 Jul 2020Hi guys, I have this phone for two years now, still working... moreSony Xperia 5

  • Real person

I have been reading a couple of hundred of the latest comments
And the problem with these open blogs, all the fakes, working for foreign govts, and firms get on the blog just to rubbish the brand to promote their own rubbish copies.

I have two current Nokia's, all working well, most likely much better than those born yesterday fakes making poor nokia copies.
Nokia brand has proud history of building quality equipment, yes, I have used many of their products, and I know the score.

Fakes, you know who you are. GET LOST

  • Naveed

Purchased the Nokia 6.1 2 yrs back, initially working good but m facing battery problem since last month. Nokia is an old company and they should review their product if they want to survive in the market

  • Nokia 6.1

RishiGuru, 18 Aug 2020I admit, built quality & design are just two aspects of... moreN6.1 is still up to date. All bugs were mostly gone.

XRT10, 16 Aug 2020Yeah we do need great build quality but not "just"... moreI admit, built quality & design are just two aspects of a phone. Others are user experience and specification. I own two Nokia's under HMD banner, the Nokia 6.1 & Nokia 7 Plus. These are from their 2018 batch in which they pretty much nailed it in all three aspects bar software user experience.

Nokia's lacks the level of consistency in software and frequent software updates makes the situation even worse with the phone getting slower and slower with no time for optimization. In comparison LG provide semi-annual updates, just twice a year but they nail it in terms consistency, optimization, seamless operation and zero software issues. I like LG's approach where I can always rely on their phone as they always work.