Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

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  • VB

hello, I bought this phone in 2018 and in less than 6 months it had charging port problem and now all of a sudden it stopped working.In Nov' 2021, it got stuck at the androidone and then I have taken it to Nokia serivce center in Hyderabad.There I was told that the battery, a charging bout and the OS had gone bad and they have charged 3500 rupees to repair it.But then, it had the same problem again in just three days.Really, disappointed with this.

  • Anonymous

charging port really gets us

  • KShaunX

Had to replace my charging port after one and half years. after 2 years, the phone had some severe software issues, and got stucked in the android one logo screen. After that it never got boot. All of a sudden device become dead, no response nothing. poof gone!!

  • Rosto

Charging port spoils every two months you have to change it very useless performance this phone has got.

  • Anonymous

Charging port issue

  • Vrkb

Heroic Rohit, 26 Oct 2021👉 I bought Nokia 6.1plus (6/64variant)on sept 2019 during s... moreThe developers team at Nokia are lazy..

When all other mobiles support OTG , this one doesn't support it.

Cannot they release a patch for OTG.

  • Heroic Rohit

👉 I bought Nokia 6.1plus (6/64variant)on sept 2019 during sale @ ₹9999 till now (Oct 2021) I get one time charging issue but I changed charger and now it works perfectly.

👉 I personally satisfied by it's look and gaming performance is decent enough. I played heavy gaming I never found any lag issue but definitely battery will be disappoint you due to its 3000mh .

👉 If you get it under ₹11000 go for it. In this price it is value for money if it is higher than #11000 go for others mobile

I hope it will help you .......#•®

Thank you

  • syberdog

I bought my US model 6.1 when they first came out in 2018... I haven't had ANY problems with the phone up to today. Today ATT decided to not support my phone cuz they're stopping 3g service and this phone doesn't support HDVoice on 4G-LTE. I gotta say for a basic phone it has been a good one to past 4 years.

  • Yellow

Someone tell me what to do about the charging point. It's literally killing me. I have to change the charging point every 3 months and it's not possible for me to change it that often. Help!!

  • Anonymous

Sumit, 11 May 2020Has anyone tried 18W fast charging? If yes, which charger a... moreWhat is not working?? usualy fast charging means the battery charges to 50% quickly in half n hour to 45minutes the rest is asual which charges for 2.5hours for the battery to be ful.if this is happening your charger works

  • Anonymous

Scam! Scam! Big scam! No one should ever near Nokia 6.1 plus. I bought this scrap in January this year before May this same year I was just using this phone It just went blank( I mean off ...... black out just like that) the next thing I heard when I took it for repair was that the PANEL is bad that I have to change it. Naso problem start day in day out with wahala of Nokia 6.1 plus
Forget being negative minded this phone is useless please stay away from it avoid this phone. Thank you

  • Anonymous

The phone doesn't last but I do love its features and its big storage check the charging ports I've changed mine 2 times it was hard to let go of it

  • Anonymous

I changed my charging port 2times its annoying the phone doesnt

  • Rey

Good build quaity, beautiful design, okey performance, but the charging port issue make it dealbreaker, i have this device least than a year and i need to change my charging port because it wont charge.

  • Piper

Paul, 27 Sep 2021Charging port replaced twice.. Charging issues very common. I changed charging port 4 times on my nokia 6.1 plus..... its annoying..yes the phone has survived many drops....without cover....but HMD global should own their is frustating

  • Anonymous

Hmd has done a disgrace to the nokia name. I have 2 hmd phones. Both of them (6.1 plus and 3.1) have swollen batteries causing the back covers to open. A 3310 of mine also has a swollen battery. I was very loyal to the nokia brand. As long as hmd is running it, dont expect nokia phones to be of good quality. You can only use these kinds of phones for more or less 2 years. More e-waste. Such a shame.

  • Printer

Have to changed charging port with flex (They said) After that have to check several charges and data cables. Finally it worked with Tab charger and Samsung A51's data cable.

  • Paul

Charging port replaced twice.. Charging issues very common.

  • Anonymous

Has it for less than 2yrs. Charging port changed twice. Finally it died completely. Service centre said it needed new motherboard. Completely useless phone!!!!!

  • Veer

Are we get any new update or 10.0 is last ??