Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

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  • Rey

Good build quaity, beautiful design, okey performance, but the charging port issue make it dealbreaker, i have this device least than a year and i need to change my charging port because it wont charge.

  • Piper

Paul, 27 Sep 2021Charging port replaced twice.. Charging issues very common. I changed charging port 4 times on my nokia 6.1 plus..... its annoying..yes the phone has survived many drops....without cover....but HMD global should own their is frustating

  • Anonymous

Hmd has done a disgrace to the nokia name. I have 2 hmd phones. Both of them (6.1 plus and 3.1) have swollen batteries causing the back covers to open. A 3310 of mine also has a swollen battery. I was very loyal to the nokia brand. As long as hmd is running it, dont expect nokia phones to be of good quality. You can only use these kinds of phones for more or less 2 years. More e-waste. Such a shame.

  • Printer

Have to changed charging port with flex (They said) After that have to check several charges and data cables. Finally it worked with Tab charger and Samsung A51's data cable.

  • Paul

Charging port replaced twice.. Charging issues very common.

  • Anonymous

Has it for less than 2yrs. Charging port changed twice. Finally it died completely. Service centre said it needed new motherboard. Completely useless phone!!!!!

  • Veer

Are we get any new update or 10.0 is last ??

  • Anonymous

Charging port issue facing more than 3 times

  • ASK

Using for 2 years now. Absolutely no issues. Good value for money, Just check the Bands its very less if you want to use it abroad.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021PSA: Android One is just a scam and that does not guarantee... moreAndroid one supports 2 android upgrades ONLY, never a scam if any android one phone is bought at a discount

  • Tony

After 2 years battery getting hot and one day just simply stopped working.

  • shridhar

pathetic don't buy
every year you have to invest 1.4k for charging port
invest every 2 year for power button
Hopeless quality

  • Anonymous

SShreyas, 29 Jun 2021I won't say it was overpriced. In fact the only phone ... moreThe same problem I had.......just went off......a phone I had been updating Everytime......

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Let's post emails to nokia to give 11 update for 6.1plusFu** I need new charging port, not shi*** updates

  • Anonymous

PSA: Android One is just a scam and that does not guarantee anything about receiving updates. Avoid Nokia like the plague.
Moving on to this phone, it didn't age well and it made me realize that Android One is nothing more than a scam cause Nokia didn't care to update this to Android 11. Apart from that the phone becomes very slow as it ages, and the charging port issue makes you wish it just had a regular micro USB instead of type C because the phone will only charge if you plug it in a certain way. Can't wait to toss this thing.

  • Anonymous

Kashif , 29 Jul 2021I have used it for above 1 year and have a problem that sig... moreFacing same with airtel only other operators signal is working fine. Any solution for network ?

  • kungo

the nokia 6.1 plus looks good but the bettery doe not even take a day or half while using internet. do not recommend it.

Can someone please help with solution on how to fix auto brightness, mine is not working perfectly

  • Jay

Kashif , 29 Jul 2021I have used it for above 1 year and have a problem that sig... moreget a new device but never a nokia's

  • Anonymous

How can i change my back case for Nokia 6.1 plus