Nokia 6.2 review

Kaloyan Ivanov, 14 Nov 2019.


There is one thing that's common among the Nokia droids no matter their success and overall reception - all HMD-made Nokias have been amazing lookers and they all have sturdy builds. The Nokia 6.2 is no exception, and we are served with yet another feast for the eyes.

Nokia 6.2 review

The Nokia 6.2 is a dual-glass smartphone with a solid metal frame in-between. It relies on flat panels and the only accent you'll notice is the circular camera bump on the back.

There is a 6.3" IPS LCD screen with a waterdrop-shaped notch occupying most of the front. It is the same panel we saw on the Nokia 7.2. The whole body is identical in shape, size, and weight to the 7.2's.

Nokia 6.2 review

Bezels are visible around the screen, which has HDR10 support by the way, but we don't mind them. HMD hasn't proclaimed the Nokia 6.2 to be a bezel-less phone, and we won't hold the black frame around the panel against it.

There is an 8MP selfie camera inside the notch, a downgrade since the 20MP shooter we saw on the Nokia 7.2. The earpiece grille is above that cam, very thin and almost invisible.

A flat piece of Gorilla Glass 3 shields the whole thing, while another flat Gorilla Glass 3 keeps the back safe.

Nokia 6.2 review

The Nokia 6.2 is available in Ceramic Black and Ice color schemes, and we had the pleasure to handle both. They are as glossy and slippery as they look, but also beautiful and eye-catchy. Fingerprints and smudges stick easily, though they are much less evident on the Ice Nokia 6.2.

The huge circular bump at the back is shared by the primary 16MP shooter, the 8MP ultrawide snapper, the 5MP depth sensor, and the LED flash. Since this hump is centered and keeps the phone a bit raised when it rests on a desk, it won't make it wobble, and that's quite nice.

Nokia 6.2 review

The always-on fingerprint reader is also on the back, just below the camera setup, and its surface is painted in the same color as the rest of the rear glass. It's not the fastest around but is quite accurate.

As you can imagine, these flat glass panels don't provide much grip, but that's where the frame comes to save the day. HMD has two claims for it - one says this is a composite material made of aluminum and polycarbonate, while the official site mentions metal only. Indeed, it feels like something between metal and plastic, but thanks to the matte finish, it is undeniably grippy and provides excellent comfort while handling the Nokia 6.2. And the best part - it doesn't look cheap and it doesn't feel like plastic, so it's a win for both purposes.

There are a lot of goodies on the frame. On top side has the audio jack, the left has the tri-card slot (two nano-SIMs and a microSD) and the assistant key, while the bottom houses the USB-C port and the speaker.

Nokia 6.2 review

The volume rocker and the power keys are on the right, but that's not all. There is an LED light inside the power button, and it serves as notification/status light. It flashes only in white color, and still, we liked that idea very much.

Nokia 6.2 review

The Nokia 6.2 measures 159.9 x 75.1 x 8.3 mm and weighs 180g - perfectly identical to the Nokia 7.2.

The Nokia 6.2 looks great, and unless we switch to nitpicking mode and talk about the bezels, the 6.2 has a flagship-worthy build. Sure, not water-resistant, but still a premium one. We have always liked HMD's attention to the exterior and the uncompromised clean looks, and we are liking the Nokia 6.2 for the very same reasons.

Reader comments

  • Arun

If u have idea on buying it don't is my opinion. Cons: Display broke just falling from a 3 to 4 feet height indeed being gorilla glass, Rapid charging not fast charging, Poor photo qualities, Finger print sensor not working since purc...

They have the poorest software optimisation. The only solution is that you look for the ways to unlock it's bootloader, then flash a good ROM. It'll be fine thereafter. PS: Nokia won't allow you to unlock bootloader. So look for...

  • Yao

It is unfortunate to comment on Nokia phone. I am using Nokia 6.2, and its less than a year now but I don't like it, it freezes and keeps restarting. I hate Nokia phones.