Nokia 6.2 review

14 Nov 2019

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  • Arun

If u have idea on buying it don't is my opinion.

Cons: Display broke just falling from a 3 to 4 feet height indeed being gorilla glass,
Rapid charging not fast charging,
Poor photo qualities,
Finger print sensor not working since purchase u can't even find a finger print menu in settings completely removed after update,
Poor battery backup drains too fast,
Poor gps, location issues,
Random reboots or switch off.

Completely wasted my time money on buying this. NOKIA lost its reputation n proper service nor response from the team either, just simply keep launching stupid phones every year n cheating customers. If u really need to survive i n the market do give proper support for existing mobiles first.

Yao, 17 Oct 2020It is unfortunate to comment on Nokia phone. I am using Nok... moreThey have the poorest software optimisation.

The only solution is that you look for the ways to unlock it's bootloader, then flash a good ROM. It'll be fine thereafter.
PS: Nokia won't allow you to unlock bootloader. So look for third party services

  • Yao

It is unfortunate to comment on Nokia phone. I am using Nokia 6.2, and its less than a year now but I don't like it, it freezes and keeps restarting. I hate Nokia phones.

  • Kannan k

At this price range
1.Both cameras not good
2.Battery 3500 mah not enough for nowadays.
( price range 5000,6000 mah available for 8300)
3.Rapid charge available instead of fast charging .
( Not enough).
4.So many pre installed apps missing
( Gallery,calculator, music player, facebook,default browser...)
so you will go third party software and also it will reduced your available storage memory). Very bad.
5.Older version processor.

1.Design and look
2.Poly carbonic frame better than plastic
3.Both side gorilla glass protection
4.Nice and smooth display
5.Google lens.
6.Google assistant button.

Overall review
Externally good ( look & design)
Internally bad ( performance features)

Building strong but basement weak.

Cooper, 16 Jul 2020Yes! This is absolutely spot on NOT the right place for a N... moreWell if you see my post again, i was answering a previous comment, not putting a brand new one.

  • tim

i like the feeeel of it and the funny sounds it not good,for the money not too bad.

  • Cooper

paco2x, 29 Nov 2019I saw the review of the Nokia 9 on those websites: Android ... moreYes! This is absolutely spot on NOT the right place for a Nokia 9 Pureview comment! You got that 100% wrong 😂.

  • Milano

I have been using the Nokia 6.2 for a couple of months now and I must say, every feature about the phone is cool except for its cameras.
The camera is actually shit..
Both the front and back camera.
The Nokia X6 (6.1 plus) with same specifications and better camera is actually better than the 6.2
I still wonder why a 6.2 should be below par as compared to the 6.1 plus.
Everytime I have to take a picture I regret having to "upgrade" from the 6.1 plus to the 6.2
Apparently it was a downgrade. Little did I know

Nanaksay, 15 May 2020This phone Is very good. The screen is so great. Build qual... moreNice phone

  • Nanaksay

This phone Is very good. The screen is so great. Build quality is excellent. Processor is ok for a non gamer which I am, so nokia 6.2 was made for me.

  • sanj

I am pretty happy abut performance with its price.good one !!

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020Why doesn't my Nokia 6.2 get the Nationwide building societ... moreThat'd be the app telling you that then.. Duhhh

Biehldk, 11 Mar 2020What a nice looking phone.. What a nice build phone... What... moreThe 6.3 inch PureDisplay HDR screen is superb. Its LCD yes, but accurate beautiful colours unlike most OLED screens. Search YouTube reviews for reviews and you'll see how good the screen is (and yes it's exactly the same screen as on 7.2)

  • Anonymous

Why doesn't my Nokia 6.2 get the Nationwide building society banking app? It just continually says we are having technical difficulties at present.

  • Biehldk

What a nice looking phone.. What a nice build phone... What a POOR screen!!!!!!!

  • Lana

Really like this phone I have just recently purchased it. the absolute must for me is a screen that is healthy for the eyes and fortunately I was able to find the information and all the bigger brands like iPhone and Samsung unfortunately use amoled technology. what that means for us it's a lot of flickering that you cannot see but your eye can actually see and that is very unhealthy. fortunately for me I found Nokia 6.2 and we went into store we took a professional camera and we looked at all the screens and that was no flickering like at all. so for me it's a blessing I'm really grateful for this phone it has most functions then I'm using on a daily basis. it is very convenient and from a very long years of Samsung's I have switched back to Nokia and I couldn't be happy about it.

When already had a phone (7.2) with SD660 then what was the need of going with SD 636.
Better woukd have gone with SD660 for 6.2 and SD710/12/30 for 7.2 and could hsve went for SD 636. Motorola did a better job then them they have 4GB 128GB budget phones with SD665, 2 options with Exynos 9609 and Helio P70.

  • Anonymous

This Screen Meearing Support

  • Anthony 81

The camera on the 6.2 is laughably bad. Arguably the worst camera ever fitted to a smartphone.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2019"Nokia 9 was a failure, those cameras did not take better p... moreI saw the review of the Nokia 9 on those websites: Android Authority, Pocketnow, Android Central, NotebookCheck and Mashable... all of the them are not impressed with the quality of the Nokia 9 cameras. Besides, if the Nokia 9 supposedly is the best camera phone in the market... why it's never mention nor recommend by anyone.

The Nokia 9 is a failure and a miss opportunity, and yes... it can't make better pictures than the competition.