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Nokia 6.2

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  • Sameer Azarudeen

Too Bad...But some time Camera , Flash Light's are not Working properly and Hanging also.....

It is crap trust me, It has started hanging often, I have deleted all my apps but it still hangs... they claim to provide 2 day battery I don't know how it can deliver 2 days with 3500 mAh. the camera sucks it says camera cannot be started unable to open bla bla in each camera app I have to restart the phone.. it really sucks....... the only thing I like about this phone is the stock android and a little bit of the pure view display which is not close to the OLED but still better than many other displays out there. Please do not purchase Nokias (until and unless they become reliable) as they are not the real Nokia anymore. Nokia is like Jaguar Land-Rover which provides expensive fancy looking unreliable s**t..... I hope you get that......

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021Very bad ,Some time camera not working properly,I'm facing the same issue each time i have to restart the phone.. it really sucks

  • Anonymous

Very bad ,Some time camera not working properly,

  • Sina Safari

I just bought the 64GB version. I wonder how people say it's low-quality or generally have a low performance. I find it quite fast whether I'm taking pictures, surfing the internet. Battery seems satisfying enough alike fingerprint scanner. Front camera dissapointed me a little but the rear one is good. However, there are minor software-related issues which I find a little bit disturbing. 1st : The calender widget cannot be removed from the home page. 2nd : there's no one-handed mode and the third : you can not transfer apps to SDcard as far as I've tried to !!!

  • Carol

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2021I see. Thanks for correcting me :DWell, sorry if i sound harsh. But your are welcome.

  • Anonymous

Carol, 22 Dec 2020There is no ambient display. You can set the display to sta... moreI see. Thanks for correcting me :D

  • Myles

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021Just always use the cable that came with the phone. Do not ... moreNot true, my GF has a nokia cable and it failed within 6 months, i bought a pack from amazon and they are perfect!

  • Anonymous

Said1995, 16 Oct 2020I currently have an Nokia 6.1 Plus and i have charging port... moreJust always use the cable that came with the phone. Do not use any other except you buy same from Nokia. That's the lasting remedy. You will never experience charging issues.

  • begjay

Does this phone has notification lights

  • Anonymous

This phone is very good. I love Nokia and I enjoy pure Android.

  • Andre

Almost 1 year since I purchased this phone.
- low price
- Android One - early updates
- fast fingerprint sensor
- good sound quality for speakers
- good battery life (in the first 1-4 months)
- great display quality

- very low camera quality, front camera for selfies doesn't focus
- unexpected freeze, sometimes restart required
- GPS not working anymore - since the December update - I cannont use the navigation apps anymore (waze, google maps), or any other location based games.
- very low quality and unprofessional support (from Nokia)

Conclusions: If you don;t expect too much from a mid range phone, you won't be dissapointed. My expectations were pretty low, but I will never buy a Nokia again.

  • Moir

I have a problem. As I have up dated my phone to android 10 I listen all sounds in an unbalanced form.
My hands free is right, but when I use it by my Nokia 6.2 smart phone unfortunately the sound is listened in an unbalanced form. The right direction is loader than the left one.
Can you help me????

  • Carol

Geun So, 19 Dec 2020It's more like an ambient display rather than an alway... moreThere is no ambient display. You can set the display to stay on or just turn on and show you minimalist stuff like clock and notifications when you move it or when you receive notifications. I see no reason why would they not put it in LCD devices, it has no more impact on battery then with amoled, not even 1% more. Glance is a nokia innovation and was first implementes in symbian devices a loong time ago. What is now called always on display is a poor copy of nokia glance.

Ruthless973, 15 Dec 2020always on display on an ips lcd? were they having a laugh?It's more like an ambient display rather than an always-on display actually. But I think that's a mistake

always on display on an ips lcd? were they having a laugh?

  • Jayashree ligade

Camera is not working at all and service is also not proper

  • Shagy

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2020you have a point but you might be wrong. i just reviewed th... moreI know I know,its about Nokia 6.1+ (or whatsoever) I have the first Nokia 6 so completely good phone still I'm using it (now over 3years) first issue is with camera after last Android update (but cameras on phones never bothered me) and about CHARGING ISSUE I never had before drop it twice on charging port with cable in it (power bank using) since second dropping yeah now is loose

  • Anonymous

This is a perfect decent smartphone ....not every thing the processor.... the internal and external material quality , android one smootheness , the decent screen hdr at such price and the decent camera .....all those pros has a price and nokia is trying to do the basics perfectly they choose the hard road not just offer a specification sheet just on paper to have a propaganda away from the real product

Tbh I'm kind of regretting on updating to Android 10. I still can't find a way of fixing my faulty camera. After updating to Android 10, my camera seems to decide on its own when to actually launch or not. It really is inconvenient but I don't have the money to buy another phone so I'm just trying live by even if I miss some perfectly good shots. Other than that, the phone isn't laggy for a 3 year old processor and the battery and screen are great, and the overall experience is pretty good.