Nokia 6.2

Nokia 6.2

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  • Trueson

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2020Don't compare good devices with this. They are either ... moreI agree with you

  • Anonymous

Faulty charging port. Buggy software and runs into reboot every now and then. Can't believe they can't fix their software till now. It's been months......People in nokiacommunity are given lame excuses. They don't take any responsibilty for customer satisfaction. Service centre says motherboard needs replacement. No thank you. Enough from you.

  • Anonymous

Anybody saying the issues with this device are made-up stories, please go and check other forums as well. Even easier, check the commenters profile if they go about playing down issues every now and then protecting the same brand. You will know what they do all day.

  • Anonymous

Not worth it.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone a few months ago but it is good for only basic day to day use. If performance and camera is your priority, there are better phones in this segment. I like the stock android feel, but some quirky features like call rec, screen rec, app lock, and so on are done away with stock android. I really wish nokia could come up with a power packed processor coz I will be buying a mid range phone soon for casual gaming. This will serve good for a secondary device or may be give away to some family member. It's suitable for them.

Carol, 10 Jul 2020Let's make a bet you don't have this phone, and y... moreAgree.

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2020This mobile. Very outdated mobile. If you want outdated mob... moreOutdated for only one thing snpd.636 chipset,everything is superb about built quallity of this phone,premium for a price,glass back,aluminium frame,full HD+ display with HDR 10,android one,4GB ram,64 GB Internal,what a hell do you want more...??!! You can buy it for 180euros here in Europe

  • Carol

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2020Never buy nokia phones. Very pathetic quality.poor software... moreLet's make a bet you don't have this phone, and you haven't had one before!

  • Anonymous

This mobile. Very outdated mobile. If you want outdated mobile. Buy real outdated mobile. U will get it in less price. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Never buy nokia phones. Very pathetic quality.poor software. Charging issues. Very rude customer service. They have manufacturing defects software bugs but service centre says phone has water damage. Nokia is fooling customers. And then they launch next model with same specs. So they don't have to deal with defective models. 5 year old phones last longer than this nokia phones. Value your money and stay away

  • Anonymous

Don't compare good devices with this. They are either way too expensive for their value or probably cheap chinese. The chipset might be 2 year old but it's my favourite brand.
PS I am not blind

  • Carol

small wolf, 19 Jun 2020never gonna buy nokia phone again buggy software, and slow... morePixel 2? Why not pixel 4, let's put two devices in one place pixel 2 and iphone 10, they are both very cheap compared to this device...
Or let's act with decency and stop comparing flagships with low midragers, and sudently this device is great for it's price.

  • M Shoaib

Really nice budget phone front camera is low but other options screen resolution battery all things are amazing ... if you are looking for a budget phone this is good option

  • Mario

Such a great low budget phone.It is good

  • Ngongo

I am very disappointed by its performance. At times it just freezes, has no USD sign. I feel cheated.

  • Unhappy

Bad camera, Faulty software. A waste of money

  • small wolf

never gonna buy nokia phone again
buggy software, and slow

pixel 2 has better specs than this cr@ap,

  • Carol

Msr, 08 Jun 2020Low camera Quality Not worth for moneyIt is actually a great camera with a lot of feature for it's pricepoint.

  • Msr

Low camera Quality
Not worth for money

JB, 01 May 2020My only complaint with this great all round phone is that t... morePerhaps that will be solved with a software update.