Nokia 6.2

Nokia 6.2

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  • M Shoaib

Really nice budget phone front camera is low but other options screen resolution battery all things are amazing ... if you are looking for a budget phone this is good option

  • Mario

Such a great low budget phone.It is good

  • Ngongo

I am very disappointed by its performance. At times it just freezes, has no USD sign. I feel cheated.

  • Unhappy

Bad camera, Faulty software. A waste of money

  • small wolf

never gonna buy nokia phone again
buggy software, and slow

pixel 2 has better specs than this cr@ap,

  • Carol

Msr, 08 Jun 2020Low camera Quality Not worth for moneyIt is actually a great camera with a lot of feature for it's pricepoint.

  • Msr

Low camera Quality
Not worth for money

JB, 01 May 2020My only complaint with this great all round phone is that t... morePerhaps that will be solved with a software update.

  • Carol

RishiGuru, 22 May 2020It was nice to know the Nokia 6.2 is working seamlessly in ... moreWell, most of the Nokia haters are just nothing but bashers that never used a Nokia. I can't quite understand their will to troll Nokia, as they don't win nothing but time waste along the way. Or do they? People who actually used and use Nokia, know this nobodys are just in to use their fingers for nothing good to come out, but well their are others that might believe all this lies surrounding Nokia devices. As i can confirm on the variaty of Nokias that past through my family and some friends, the devices are good and with no issues whatsoever. 175€ is verry cheap here, for this price nothing is better. Even though xiami sadly reached europe, but well, i would never pay for those devcies, not one dime, they should be giving them for free, minding the fact that nothing was invented by them, everything was stollen and the aftersales money income comes from their customers Private Data. To use such a phone one needs to setup a private DNS and block all the "home" calls it does, and it does many of them...

Carol, 20 May 2020Interesting enough, i bouth this device for my mother as sh... moreIt was nice to know the Nokia 6.2 is working seamlessly in your case. As always I see two types of Nokia users, ones who are very happy with their Nokia like you and me and then those living on the opposite pole: Nokia haters.

It seems mobiles are really expensive in your country, as the price quoted is very high on Indian context. As usual Nokia is gradually reducing prices of Nokia 6.2 & 7.2 in India as they are mercilessly relegated to the bottom in sales by Chinese manufacturers. Problem is as usual nobody understands build quality but everybody understands specs.

JGabriel93, 01 May 2020I have this phone about three months, so i can make a littl... moreGreat review on Nokia 6.2!!!

My two cents:

1) Nokia under HMD never bothered much about audio quality & headphone drive-ability through the audio jack. I mean with my Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1, I always go for very low impedance and highly efficient in-ear earphones. That way even with the moderately low power available through the headphone jack the sound is loud and clear. Audio quality is a different aspect and lets just say the Nokia's gets the job done without being exceptional in any way. Audio is good for average consumers but not for music lovers like me.

2) I had WiFi issues with both my Nokias when they were running Android Pie. Maybe my router and phone incompatibility issue. After Android 10 update that issue had magically vanished.

In the end I have zero complaints with both phones. Because at just 88 euros brand new, what I received in the "Built like a tank" Nokia 6.1, I have no complaints. Same goes for Nokia 7 Plus.

  • Carol

Elmaz, 15 May 2020Me too. I never had network problems with any nokia up till... moreInteresting enough, i bouth this device for my mother as she got her screen brocken. This thing is GREAT for the money i paid for (175€) 4gb RAM 64GB storage, i can't actually believe how good it is. And the battery lasts and lasts on normal use, no gaming. I set it up for about 5 hours with updates and apps and settings and went from 100% to 50. I am actually very satisfied with the purchese.

Carol, 09 May 2020Maybe because this one actually gibes a s about ypur health... moreMe too. I never had network problems with any nokia up till date.

  • Carol

JGabriel93, 01 May 2020I have this phone about three months, so i can make a littl... moreMaybe because this one actually gibes a s about ypur health, just my two cents cause i never had covarage problems with a nokia, but i did with a lot of other brands.

  • DgreatAy

Just got the product,I love the network it move faster

  • JB

My only complaint with this great all round phone is that the camera is very slow to load.
It is slower than my 6.1 and has a faster processor.

I have this phone about three months, so i can make a little review to help people who are interested on it. I bought it because i wanted a cheap phone, but no so bad, and without softwares over android. My former phone was Moto G4 Plus, during four years.

I like this phone anyway. It works for me. But i made a pros and cons list:

-I feel the screen is really nice. Nice brightness, nice colours.

-No heat! It was a surprise to me. This phone is cheaper than Moto G4 (in 2016), and i was prepared to heat... but this Nokia doesn't heat. Playing some games, using GPS... Moto G4 was really hot sometimes, even without a reason. When you played some game, when you used the gps, it boiled. But even using Chrome or Youtube. Almost burned my hands.

-"Pure Android" experience feels really good and fluid. Nothing about some unnecessary softwares or experiments, one thing i hate about Huawei. So easy interface. Very simple and useful.

-Nice speed on apps, no freezing, no bugs. I actually had two Moto G4 Plus, and the first two days, my first one failed, so i changed it, and you couldn't use it meanwhile charging because the screen was ghosting and crazy. And the heat was present since the begining

-The sound issues. First, the speaker could be better than that. The audio is worse than Moto G4, inexistent bass and sometimes noisy. It's very strange place to put it (single hole, bottom, right side), . When is started to use the phone and i didn't know where is it, i accidentally covered it with my fingers and i didn't notice. The 3.5mm jack feels good, but it's not better than Moto G4's. Sometimes i have calls with my friends, and the audio is nice, but if i listen to music or seen videos meanwhile the call is open, the audio bugs, and in an inexplicable way sounds worse. And no, that not happened with my former phone

-Battery life + charging. Battery life is barely, barely decent, and feels worse than my former phone (when it was new). And thinking about batteries always suffers progressive degradation with the use, the years and the charging cicles... i'm not sure if i can use this phone two more years. And this becomes worse with the battery charging. It feels too slow. Maybe that's one of the reason the phone doesn't heat (?)

-Wireless connections: Sometimes it has troubles to find Wi-fi, even if i am close to the router. Sometimes is normal that the phones have a delay finding wi-fi, but i feel this one is worse on that. And the thing that bothers me the most is it happens with bluetooth too. I thing it's unforgivable. That's not normal. Also, it has more problems throught the walls than other phones i had before.

AnonymouS, 20 Apr 2020Im willing to buy a new phone, help me to take decision, wh... moreWith the Y9 prime you get a great battery life and a slightly better chip set, with the Nokia you get the clean android experience with better software support, also better build quality, as for cameras I'm not sure which is better because I only tested the y9, which is average for the price to be honest.

Build quality superb,discent performance,very good camera,no problem with network...but battery life is strangley bad,it is about 30%better than on my Nokia 5 which i have used before,i exsppected more,i watched movie in 1080p,without any wifi or 4G turn on yesterday and from 77% droped at 31% for half and hour?

  • AnonymouS

Im willing to buy a new phone, help me to take decision, which phone is more reliable Huawei y9 prime or Nokia 6.2