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Nokia 6.2

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  • Bullshit Nokia

Xiaomi & Realme launching a phone with Snapdragon 712 , 730g mediatek p90t at 15000 range smartphones with a 4000, 4500, 5000 mah battery but nokia wtf.

  • Anonymous

Say what you want about how "outdated" the specs are, but that isn't the selling point AT ALL. Nokia is betting on good build quality, clean software, and long term software support to drive sales. Despite the fact that there other phones w/ MUCH better specs for the price, do they happen to get 2 years of OS and 3 years of software updates (guaranteed) AND a triple camera setup? All while costing ~$200? Doubt it.

  • Anonymous

Nith, 05 Sep 2019I always prefer smaller phones, suggest me one.These are the best option: from cheapest to more expensive
Xiaomi play - samsung a20e -moto g7 play - samsung a40 - mi 9se - google pixel 3a - google pixel 3-- s10e -samsung note 10- iphone xs

  • s p a r k y

to be honest i have the 6.1 and i don't think i'm going to " upgrade " up to the 6.2 , went from alluminium to plastic , from ziess optics to none, my google camera app make my pictures way too good and detailed with no problems even at very low light.
both have full hd display, both record 4k, tiny upgrade about the SnapDragon but still not enough and you won't notice the change, added back glass for more accidents probabilities.
i don't really think it's worth the 200 euros and that's just my opinion i was so mad seeing the reviews as i was kind of motivated and excited to upgrade.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2019Maybe I am getting used to the tech competition sustained b... moreif you needed newes processor indeed there is not needed to buy this phone. but this phone have many feature and "no advertise". so, it's worth for 200 euro

  • Mark

Well I used Snapdragon 636 in redmi Note 5 Pro I have to say this chipset is pretty slow specially in these days

  • Anonymous

Maybe I am getting used to the tech competition sustained by the Chinese brands, but a two years old chipset is a bit disappointing. A 3gb version is even insulting. I guess Nokia is having serious issues keeping up to date with the Android support and they just stick to old chipsets so they can do so with little tweaks. They are trying to introduce some new software features and that is to be respected but old cpu and 3gb of ram makes you wonder why changing your old 6.1.

  • Nith

I always prefer smaller phones, suggest me one.

6.1 plus is still better than this one! 180g is a heavy thing andcalso 6.3 is not necessary!

  • Anonymous

A beautiful back design ruined by notch & internals.
SD636 have you really gone mad Nokia?
Equal bezels on top & bottom would have been better design than notch..SD636??? Microsoft ruined company but hmd ruined brand name. Copying everything that Xiaomi, vivo, oppo doing.

  • Anonymous

will this be able to compete with Mi A3 @ 4/64gb? im doubting big time. :-(

  • KT

Poor device.. I'll pass.. useless HMD. WTH is wrong with you guys.. releasing a SD 636 device while you can get a better phone at this price range

Give it a damn 140 euro and u good to go
Old chip seen Many of ur devices with same
What's wrong Nokia ? Using internet explorer