Nokia 7210

Nokia 7210

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  • TOD

What I can say about 7210 is poor features, poor performance. Why don't you try Samsung? Such as S100, V200 or P410. They are 100 better than Nokia

  • whiizz

Currently the mobile market has boat loads of great phones, but i have to say i do like this phone, it's cool, has plenty of gadgets to play with and if anybody needs to download free games to play (Honestly no charges for these games) Go here to get the links

  • jackson

of course u can add a digital camera to this, just add in the Camera Headset HS-1C and it'll do the trick

  • DarkHate

Can you add a digital camera to Nokia 7210? I am interested in buying one, but i would like to know if a camera for pictures can be added.

  • Ed

Hey guys I know this is kind of a stupid question... But do you all use large fonts or small fonts for your messages? Just interested to know... Pls kindly reply with 'SMALL' or 'LARGE' in this forum ok? Thanks!

  • mes andrew

the phone is cool

  • sobi

can u hook this phone up with the PC?

  • mahal

nokia 7210 is simply amazing!!

  • vix

Iv got loads of polyphonic ringtones for my 7210 and want to send them to my mate, now i might be being a bit thick but we cant work out how to do it, any ideas???? please email me with some help thanx

  • Fahad

I used to own a 7210,its a good cell.Beautiful design and wonderful tones.Battery life also nice.The only thing I disliked was the screen contrast,Its so dim and isnt that pleasent to the eye.thats y I got myself a mobile ever made :D

  • Mircea

Hello!I want to buy a NOKIA phone and I can't decide between 7210 and 6610! Can you help me chose? Thanx- feel free to mail me but specify in the SUBJECT line the phone's name... Thanx a lot!

  • xpert

this phone looks great but because i don't have one yet i can't say more

  • ovidiu paduraru

...anybody wants to trade with me polyphonic ringtones or me on my e-mail, pls

  • extigy

nothing is best in the world

  • ionut

is the best

  • Anonymous

voice dial does not need a quite place to be use, with all the phones i used before, 8850, 6210, 6510, i can use their voice dial even the place is a little noisy

  • jackson

maybe add in a 5.1 system with DTS

  • jackson

hifi ringtone? with sub-woofer?

  • the 1

does this phone have hi-fi ringtones or any other nokia?


hey will 7210's price go down when the 7250 is released???