Nokia 7210

Nokia 7210

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  • elhaware
  • fkF
  • 28 Aug 2012

May, 16 Feb 2011I like this phone very much and I am still keeping it. My ... moreme i love this phone to much im stel keep it

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    • AnonD-2001
    • t7S
    • 11 Feb 2012

    That's my mom's first color phone!

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      • satty
      • 10 Feb 2012

      Gr8 phone on battery back-Up,Voice Clarity and more over shock proof( shock proof tested by Girl friend ;-))
      and so many memories associated with it.

        • H
        • Harvey
        • PxW
        • 25 Jan 2012

        Still keep it, actually use it in between, when long battery backup is required. Awesome voice clarity. Great memories associated. Spent good amount (INR 17500) – by January 2003 standards.

          • c
          • cell
          • mjk
          • 17 Oct 2011

          this divice was the first mobile with colors and it was very very expensive!!! like $350

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            • Anonymous
            • 0R6
            • 11 May 2011

            THE best phone i ever had takes me back

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              • May
              • Ixn
              • 16 Feb 2011

              I like this phone very much and I am still keeping it.
              My question is why can get a new case(housing) to buy?
              I will appreciate your help so much. Thank you.

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                • waqar
                • syj
                • 07 Nov 2010

                i was also having same mobile .That was my first mobile.It was theft by my house.I realy loved it when it was new everyone want to see it say wow!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  • mohit
                  • 2Zj
                  • 02 Oct 2010

                  Sony and Nokia!, 06 Aug 2010I was dying over this phone but wasn't able to afford it ba... moreu r right. same was my position. thou i borrowed it from a friend of mine for a month.

                    • x
                    • xman
                    • v0q
                    • 24 Sep 2010

                    its so sad because that phone was replaced by the new supernova.. why dont just call it by other names???

                      • S
                      • Sony and Nokia!
                      • qLC
                      • 06 Aug 2010

                      I was dying over this phone but wasn't able to afford it back in the day, still love it even though I didn't get it!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 3Jh
                        • 22 Jul 2010

                        its funny, but i acutally miss this phone, my first colour one, but it lasted me for years

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                          • TheManSpirit
                          • vpg
                          • 17 Jul 2010

                          Below are missing Features missing from your specification listing for 7210:

                          Converter II
                          Countdown timer
                          Stopwatch - Split timing, Lap timing
                          Calculator - Exchange rate.

                          I trust this helps your excellent online resource.
                          Keep up the great work.

                            • j
                            • japong
                            • iKv
                            • 13 Jul 2010

                            my very first colored phone. and at that time gprs was still free and i used this phone for surfing wap sites even though the screen was so so so small for viewing sites it was still great back then. i missed those days.

                              • N
                              • N7210
                              • PS6
                              • 06 Jul 2010

                              this was the 1st hp i bought using my own money. it happend back on year 2002 which this hp just launching,that time i was in sg, i just step in sg finding job. i used 2.5 years then passed to my parent coz i bought new 1. oh... time flyyyyyyy...... 2010 already.

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                                • uus831
                                • wHS
                                • 10 Apr 2010

                                I am still using this phone, which i bought in 2003. It has been 7 years, and the phone is still working great! No problems what so ever. I have to say, its a fantastic phone. Its durable. I have dropped it many many times, and it is still working. The S40 OS is also fast. And, the call quality is very good.

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • j5V
                                  • 13 Mar 2010

                                  The first color LCD phone. I had it ahead of the official launch! One girl got crazy about me because of this phone. While riding my motorbike, the phone fell twice from my pocket at about 70 km/h the first time, and 35km/h the second time. Continued to work. Died unexpectedly after 6 years of service. The LCD colors at the end were washed out.

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                                    • GSM
                                    • 2Gx
                                    • 07 Mar 2010

                                    Jose, 17 Feb 2010Nokia's first Color screen phone...wickedUmm, sorry there Jose, i'll have to correct you on that one. The 9210 Communicator made in 2000 was actualy the first nokia to have a colour screen. Look on the 5th page of nokia phones.

                                      • J
                                      • Jose
                                      • fuV
                                      • 17 Feb 2010

                                      Nokia's first Color screen phone...wicked

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                                        • francis ford
                                        • v0q
                                        • 22 Dec 2009

                                        wow, so cute! i want to have a phone like this!!! ;)
                                        for sun :)